Eyelash Growth Serum

I hate to wear false eyelashes, as it is too messy for me to do and never get it correct. I always wanted long lovely eyelashes and eyebrows, but never could be able to achieve them. However, using the Embellash Eyelash Growth Serum I feel I felt a fast improvement in growth in just few weeks and will continue to use. I always figure you could go the natural route and apply natural oils or mix of vitamins to your lashes, but this is so much easier! All good ingredients in one application.



Many of the wonderful ingredients that also are good for hair growth and building stronger hair is included in this product, like grapeseed extract, KGF peptides. More over this is cruelty free and made in USA which is a huge thing for me.
The product comes with a eyeliner kind of wand to apply so it is really precise and great for applying for lashes and I do have a thick brow so I apply it on brows as well. The product itself feels very cool when you apply so it is soothing. A tiny bit goes a long way, so this product is lasting me months using it twice a day.
Overall. I am super impressed with how great this Embellish Eyelash Growth Serum works and the bang that you get for your buck! I would highly recommend this Growth Serum to anyone!


Claims from company:

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: 95% of Users Report Thicker, Fuller, Longer Eyelashes after 5 Weeks. EmbelLASH Uses Natural Ingredients to Thicken, Lengthen and Grow MORE Lashes!
  • INCREDIBLE RESULTS: KGF Peptide Has Been Clinically Proven to Stimulate Hair Growth. It Also Conditions the Skin Around Hair Follicles, Reversing Damage from False Eyelashes or Over-Plucking. Grow More Lashes and Fix Your Follicles!
  • PERMANENT BENEFITS: Repairs, Nourishes, Moisturizes, Protects and Stimulates Hair Follicles and Skin Around Lashes and Brows. EmbelLASH uses Natural Ingredients, so if You Stop Using it, Your Eyelashes Won’t Fall Out–Unlike Other Brands. Live with Lushful Lashes!
  • EASY TO USE AND 400% MORE VALUE: A Swipe Across the Roots is all it Takes to Grow More Lashes. Each Tube of EmbelLASH Contains a 4 MONTH Supply, as Compared to Most Other Eyelash Growth Enhancers, which Have Only a 1 Month Supply. Get Much More for Your Money with EmbelLASH!

BUY: THE VERY BEST Eyelash Growth Serum – EmbelLASH (10ml)- Grow Thick, Long Eyelashes and Bold Eyebrows in 5 Weeks


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