Nanshy Makeup Brush Set

I always thought the rumors about great make up brushes were a myth…so true though…these brushes are so very soft and they pick up product and keep it so there is no waste of product. I am not a makeup artist by profession but a makeup junkie and do makeup on friends and family so I do own quite a lot of brushes. I am totally amazed by how soft these brushes are! hard to believe that these are cruelty free and synthetic brushes. Arrived quickly and all the brushes are dense, I washed them twice to check for shedding and there was none. Really impressed with the quality and the number of brushes you get for the price is incredible.


The picture don’t do justice for the brushes, they are regular size not travel or small set version, as that is what I was expecting them to be to put them in my travel bag, but no these are regular sized brushes. And now they are decked up in my makeup desk!

There are few brushes that do amazing job.

  1. Foundation brush – is a little small but is perfect for concealer and the angle fits perfectly for applying flawless concealer.
  2. Stippling brush – So perfect to apply BB cream when its just a easy blending for everyday look. Works well with application of foundation too.
  3. Contour brush – Perfect for both blush and contour, dense yet the angle is perfect to fit hollow to cheekbones
  4. Blush brush is a little big for me but was wonderful for applying powder to my under eyes and touch up for canceler.
  5. Powder – This brush is really huge and dense I was worried this would shed a lot but not one strand of hair came out and the shape is still intact.
  6. Lip brush – This comes in a very cute pen like packaging.
  7. Eye brushes – These are the only eye brushes you need if you are new to makeup or just want to use it for your self. Has everything you need even eyeliner!


After using these brushes for a few weeks, I have replaced my more expensive ones with these ones. These brushes provided more of a better look with my make-up if that makes sense. It also provided me more of a variety then my other set with the sizes. After following care instructions for these and using them daily, they still look wonderful. I have not noticed any shedding of the fibers of these brushes which is very nice. I can tell this is going to be a set that lasts a long time!


I feel these are amazing for those who want to buy brushes, this is value for money you get everything you need with high end quality also wonderful gift for brides mate, I already suggested this for my cousin for her wedding

BUY: Nanshy Masterful Collection Makeup Brush Set – Onyx Black or Pearlescent White (Pearlescent White)


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