ELF Studio Matte Lip Colors

I own these in 3 colors: Natural,Praline and Rich Red. I love all of them. For being a matte lip color, this is actually moisturizing. These fall between a matte and moisturizing lipstick, so I think a  lot of people will like the formula. It goes on very nicely and you can use it as both a lip liner and a lip color. There are 9 colors and all are available on ELF website, but you can also find them in Target as well. The enriched Vitamin A, C and E formula moisturizes and hydrates lips for a healthy looking lips.



These aren’t true matte lipsticks! if that is what you are looking for! The finish is more a satin-matte. But unlike most matte lipsticks, you can pull off without exfoliating and they are more forgiving on dry lips but when using the Rich Red I recommend you exfoliate and moisturize your lips for the best results.


It lasts very long and you can wear it matte or top it with gloss. The colors I have are just gorgeous. Rich Red gives you the most amazing red lip – with a blue undertone, which makes your teeth look whiter. Excellent product for $3 on the ELF website!
I’ve been wearing rich red almost all Jan and Feb just for little lift in mood and I’ve been very pleased to see that even though this is not a lip stain and it will transfer if you eat or drink, it still clings to your lips enough that your red lip look stays largely intact even through dinner. I love this as there’s nothing worse than having a dalmatian looking red lip. You are safe with this, though! You can enjoy dinner and still look glamorous. Love it even more!
I’m also impressed by how long this lasts, and yes, it doesn’t over-dry or chap the lips! The trick is to let it air dry for about 10 minutes- avoid touching, rubbing the lips or drinking anything, and it almost stains them unless you scrub it off. I go about 4-5 hours without needing to re-apply. I have 2 sets in shade Natural, its my lips but better. So 1 always stays in my purse and its one of the easiest lipstick I can use for any dress I have worn and make me look a little pulled together. I like it because it doesn’t feather too much either if I don’t have a lip liner handy I still feel comfortable using this lip color.
One of the downside is the actual stick of the product can break off at the base. Its a little shaky during application and can fall out. But the plus point is it has a built-in sharper in the end, nice cool feature.
Have you tried the ELF studio Matte lip colors? Do you have any other matte lipstick recommendations? ( I’d love to hear them!)

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