Apple Watch – My First Impressions

So, I want it but I don’t need it !!!!!

I feel like I have too much technology in my life already, but you are always fascinated with new Apple stuff and its first release!


Today, I had the chance to visit the Apple Store and try on the Apple Watch. I am not a watch wearer since my first iPhone, but still I was inclined to check the watch and see its features.Biggest novelty would be just having the first release of Apple watch.Nothing more!! I first tried the 42 mm and it was too BIG for my wrist. The 38mm seems to fit perfectly. My initial impressions are the watch case is a bit big, but not too heavy. I ended up trying the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch edition. The difference between the two is the casing. The former is aluminum, while the latter is stainless steel. Also, the glass in the Apple Watch edition is scratch resistant. The models I tried on were in a demo mode and had a loop playing showing different functions on the watch.



I first tried the sport watch with the rubber strap and it seemed pretty light. Then I tried the Milanese loop and I must confess, this is the best strap in the lineup. I also tried the link strap and it was too heavy. Hence, my choice of watch is the Apple Watch Sport with the rubber strap which retails at $349 for 38mm.


Next, I headed to the section where the watch would interact. The interface seems pretty fluid. It took me about a couple of minutes to get used to the different ways of interacting with the watch through the side button and the wheel as well. However, once I got used to it, it was easy to navigate to different apps. I loved the different watch faces and my favorite is the astronomy face. It has a cool transition to the moon at any given time of the day. Additionally, it also shows your current location on the earth. I did feel there was a lot of menus to go through, but again, this is a small screen.


Having my 18 month toddler next to me as I was testing, she was more curious to touch and feel, and loved the micky mouse time screen ! My toddler is already tech savvy, she can operate my iPad and iPhone and thinks my macbook is obsolete as it is not touch screen! Well I am afraid she will grab my watch as soon I get it!


My real question is what does this watch do that my iPhone cannot do? I don’t think this watch can replace my iPhone as my iPhone cannot replace my iPad!!

So it is a pleasure or novelty in terms of fashion! So to have my thoughts collected I have couple of more days, but right now I think I will be in the line on 24th morning in front of Apple store…

But then again, I want it but don’t need it !!!


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