JCat Wonder Lip Paint

Anything you hear about Jcat Wonder Lip Paints are completely true: Yes, the colors are brilliant; Yes, they have good lasting power; Yes, a little goes a very long way! Packaging, pigmentation, application by brush and peppermint smell all are few similarities to OCC Lip tar. It takes less than seed-sized amount to coat the entire lips with bold, vibrant color.



The colors are incredibly intense and  since they are so opaque and in liquid form they go on smoothly and a little goes a very long way. I would suggest using no more than the tiniest bit. The color pay off is amazing and you can build it to as light or dark as you like, it smells like mint, my only con is its very messy, its best to apply a small amount at first then add a little at a time it will get on your teeth  so you have to use a lip brush for perfect application. Its not sticky so it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your lips.
The colors that I got are Underland ( a bubble gum pink), Mimsy( warm nude) , The Dodo (Bright pink), Mad Splatter ( Dark Pink with blue undertones), and Talking Flowers (Purple). The brighter colors are the ones that I am enjoying the most and lighter colors Underland and Mimsy are like the mixers that help me get all tones of Pinks and purple that I like.
The colors are gorgeous on their own, but it’s absolutely effortless to darken, lighten, cool down, warm up, or create brand new colors by mixing them together. It’s particularly helpful when trying to match a lipstick color that might apply a bit more sheer. I bet that having those lighter tones together with this set as mixers will give me a whole new range of amazing shades to experiment with. I have been mixing them together to create my own colors, which has worked out beautifully.
Without lipliner, the darker shades feathered a bit and got into the corners of my mouth, but with a clear lipliner underneath, they lasted very well. Once dry, they last me about five hours, even through eating and drinking. And the tube seems as if it could pretty much last a lifetime.
Few tips I found to be working for me:
1) Use one ply from a tissue, cover your lips with it and buff powder ( I used ELF HD powder) on with a brush on top of the tissue. It’ll save your brush! But lasts the lip paint all day
2) The lip brush will give you all of the precision that you need to craft a stunning cupid’s bow
3) Before applying the lip paint I swipe on a good layer of chapstick and let that settle before applying the product, so I don’t end up with totally dry lips
4) Using a  lipliner has helped preventing feathering and adds to its longevity
5) They also function well as bases for lipsticks to really amp up the color.
Would I recommend?  Yes, totally. It’s a complete dupe for OCC lip tar in every way and form and that lasts a long time and delivers a high-intensity, very pigmented color.

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