Simple hack for wireless speakers (Better than SONOS)

I love music.

The IT geek in me, wants to write this article and share the trick that I love. A better way to play music wireless and have excellent internet signal at home! Two birds in one shot! Better yet I use Apple product and still cost’s half of what you would pay for Sonos speakers. Want to know how? Keep reading….

I had been debating of late if I should buy the most expensive internet connected $200 entry-level Sonos speakers for playing music through wireless. However, I don’t want to buy three speakers for the different levels of the home and additionally what if the wireless signal is not strong enough in all three levels.

Hence, I tried a simple hack. I have an Airport Extreme in the first level and an airport express in the second level. I recently bought a second airport express and installed it in the third level to have a better wireless signal. While airport express allows for playing music through airplay on the iOS device, it only allows to play it through one device i.e. it does not allow to play multiple airplay speakers. However, the following hack could be done to play through multiple speakers


For once I agreed that buying Apple product is not expensive. The new Airport express costs $99, but I bought a refurbished airport express for 65$ and a good pair of speakers from Costco for $35.

Basic method

Open iTunes on your computer and play music through different speakers using the airplay option within iTunes as shown below


But what to do if you want to play through your iPhone or iPad??

1. Open remote app on your iOS device


2. Make sure your iTunes app is open on your computer and ensure your computer and iOS device are on the same wireless network.

3. The library will now appear within the app and click on it to open the library and navigate through your playlist to select the song

apple34. Now click on the airplay icon within the app and select all the airplay enabled speakers.


apple55. Now you have music streaming( local library music or internet radio) through all the airplay speakers at your home and it can be controlled through your iPhone or iPad !!!!!

Any music – Anywhere in the home – Wirelessly!!


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