Kiwibop Postcard Pals Subscription box review

Kiwibop Postcard Pals is a fun, educational subscription for kids. When you sign up, your child will receive 4 fun postcard in the mail every month. Each card will feature a new adventure, cool place, science fact or weird animal fact.


I was recently sent their introductory “Start-up Package” for review. This is the first package that you receive as a member. Each month thereafter you’ll receive 4 postcards.

For every subscription sold, Kiwibop donates one to a child in need. They even encourage members to refer a child who has a serious illness or injury, so that they too can receive a little “happy mail”. Such a great idea. Who doesn’t love happy mail? I sure do! 😉


Each postcard has a message from a different pal. Little notes from the characters are really nice to read. These postcards are bite sized, educational and is a  great way to encourage emerging readers through interesting topics.Each card is really colorful and features one of the postcard pals on the front. The back of each postcard features a person message from one of the pals.


Your first mailing will also include some stickers of the Kiwibop Postcard Pals and some cut-out props of a pair of sunglasses and a moustache.  I love these additions!


My toddler was really happy to try out these props and was interested as I read out the contents for her. She can recognize her pals and pick her colored card that she loves. Fun way to teach her colors and she learnt a new color Teal! I couldn’t be more happier. There is no age to start learning, and I was reminded again by her.

On their Fact explorer page of website you can read even more interesting facts about animals, places, and science.I actually learned a few things!

Final thoughts:

Any thing to reduce screen time, Oh yes! tell me. I am really enjoying these educative cards with my toddler more than I initially expected. Kids don’t have flip thru entire book to learn something new. These postcards are written in a way that a child can understand and not be bored yet be educative. Great way to help your child learn away from school and have it be fun.

For more information about Kiwibop, or to sign up, just click here!

Cost: $3.99/month. They also have biannual and annual membership for better price.


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