Baby Products That Are Amazing Beauty Solutions

After having a baby I was introduced to a bunch of products that I could use for myself. There are few products my LO do not use them anymore but I still buy them because I really love using them. After reading this blog, even if you don’t have a baby I promise you will buy atleast one to give it a try, because they are cost effective and works so much better.

We were in Vancouver last weekend for Mother’s day and I was using all baby products and had not packed much for myself, that’s when I said, ok this post goes on my blog!



Baby Lotion: 

  • After shaving my legs I love to slather some baby lotion on my legs, no more razor burn or bumps or itching skin.
  • I have travel size baby lotion in every room and car. So this ends up as my moisturizing hand cream in winters.
  • Avenue baby eczema therapy cream : I used them on my hands and knuckles which were very dry and eczema prone. I struggled with hormonal acne and had very sensitive skin after my pregnancy and during the winter my skin would be dry, and this was god sent to combat both. The Aveeno cream not only evened up my skin texture, it kept me moisturized all day long, and it literally cleaned out breakouts. It also stayed well under makeup and is fast drying and non greasy.

Baby Wipes: 

  • I have not bought any makeup wipes since baby. These Costco Kirkland brand wipes are just or even better than any other wipes. Cost effective and just as effective! I will never go back to a “real” makeup removing wipes!

Lansinoh Breast Cream:

  • Remember those sore, cracked nipple days of early breastfeeding! Well this cream is wonderful for dry chapped lips. Every night this is my go to lip cream for a soft supple lips to torture again with matte lipstick or lip paint!


Baby Powder: (Never used baby powder for my LO, I realized the harmful effects only after having a baby, so the bottle that was bought for her was used up by her momma! )

  • Ok, everyone knows this trick. Using baby powder as dry shampoo. Rub some on my palms and then rub them on my roots. Sometimes sprinkle some on comb and brush my hair. But there are days where if I feel like I have applied too much and my hair is white. I put on a glove (The kind that keep your hands warm in the cold, the fabric”wool” kind) and run my fingers through the white spots and it will go away.
  • I am not comfortable with falsies, and I hardly use them. Layering of baby powder and mascara makes my eyelashes look better than falsies!

Baby Oil: 

  • Use baby oil in bath water, you come out with super soft skin.
  • Use as a eye makeup remover, it melts off waterproof mascara like nothing!!
  • Baby oil is also great for legs after shaving.
  • Used as makeup brush cleaner, keeps bristles soft.

Baby Shampoo and Soap

  • Johnson and Johnson head to toe body wash for baby. I use it to wash my face! It is super gentle but it still takes off tough eye makeup. It is inexpensive and gentle on my skin, leaving my skin feeling soft and not dry.
  • Johnson’s Lavender Bedtime Bath. I love a good soak to relax my muscles or help me fall asleep, and this bubble bath smells warm and comforting without filling my tub with an unnecessary heap of salts.

Baby Aquaphor:

  • This miracle diaper rash cream similar to Vaseline will be purchased forever. I use it primarily to protect minor cuts or scraps from infecting and boost healing. Get used by everyone at home.
  • In winters I slather some aquaphor to dry elbows, knees and heels to get some relief from dry flaky skin.
  • After exfoliating my lips I apply this to have some good moisturizer and keep them soft.

When you are traveling less is more and you can skip on dry shampoo, makeup removers, falsies, face wash, moisturizer and get good help from a big pile of stuff you carry for your baby or toddler 🙂

Do leave your tips and tricks in the comment section below, I wish to try and it would also help others! Thanks!



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