Get the Kettle On! – Tea Set & Tea Review

Lets be honest. I am a cranky momma if I don’t get my caffeine. It does a major trick to keep me in sanity. Day starts with freshly brewed coffee and throughout the day I switch to green tea and then a late afternoon coffee. Trying not to blame entirely on Seattle weather but I am driven by coffee and tea. So I have a fascination for coffee mugs, tea pot sets, and trying out different flavors of each.

Recently I got a very contemporary tea set with a good deal of functionality and beauty. I love having tea with my friends or mommas who come for play date in afternoon and this was just a beautiful addition to my collection.



If you are a tea lover you should definitely check this online store EnjoyingTea, based at San Francisco. Its a paradise for tea lovers! True to its name it is a Affordable Luxurious Enjoyment. You get a wide range of selection of loose tea leaf, tea bags, beautiful tea pots, elegant tea sets and tea accessories. One stop for everything Tea.
The set is compact comes with a nice wooden tray, and holds a teapot and 4 cups. Very elegant and adorable. The tea pot holds upto 20oz and the lid is quite sturdy and holds well and the tea cups are light weight and holds around 8oz so quite a lot of tea, but I am not complaining! These cups swap as coffee mugs too. The finer details in the set makes it stand out than the rest of the sets I own.
Since the design is so versatile I can use this set for English tea, green tea or works well with Moroccan tea and Chai. I like to experiment with tea so I also got a small sample of Jasmine green tea, and the quality of tea is amazing. The jasmine flavor is just right not too strong or not too mild. Every sip was a pleasure. This tea has just the right amount of jasmine, with small visible flowers that brew nicely. Like any other quality teas, you can get several brewing from the leaves.
I read reviews that if there was any damage in tea sets during shipping the company had a great customer service and would send a replacement, so I was totally convinced to try with them. Check out their website and follow on social media to know more interesting facts of tea.
Are you operated by coffee and tea like me? Let me know, we will have more of such posts in the blog.  And don’t forget to follow me on social media! I follow back.

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