Craft Coffee Subscription Box Review ( + Coupon Code )

In one of my recent posts I mentioned how much coffee plays a important role in my day, and my coffee is usually either Starbucks, Traders Joe, Kirkland Costco brand or Dunkin donuts. All freshly ground, for a week’s use and savored fresh. Now when I got a chance to try Craft Coffee I was more than thrilled! You know when you get beauty subscription you tear apart everything and scratch and test out? Thats exactly what happened with this box, but it had to wait for a day for some pictures to be taken for blog 😉

So Craft Coffee is a Coffee Subscription box that will send you freshly roasted packets of premium coffee beans from top artisan roasters. You also get to choose single-origin or blend.



Anywhere from $12 to $25 you can pick and choose your plan and they send you 3 packets of truly some of the best coffee curated by some insane coffee professionals from around the country. What sets them apart is you receive three bags from different roasters, each with tasting notes and true coffee nerd stats: country and producer of origin, varietal, elevation and wash process.

I received three 4 ounce bags from different roasters but now Craft Coffee has made some changes in their subscription plans. Here are the various plans you get to choose:

Since there are various roasts in each price tier, the descriptions will change from customer to customer.

Tier 1 – $11.99 Everyday: Craft Everyday selections are smooth and dependable, whether you need a jump-start to face the day, a pick-me-up to make it through the afternoon, or a second wind to keep going through the night.

Tier 2 – $14.99 Classic: You expect something distinctive in your cup and you won’t settle for less. Craft Classic coffees are balanced and delicious, sure to put a smile on your face and some pep in your step.

Tier 3 – $19.99 Select: We know you don’t just drink your coffee – you take the time to enjoy it with your senses. Craft Select coffees give you the rich, fulfilling experience you’re looking for.
Tier 4 – $24.99 Craft Reserve: You enjoy making your coffee as much as taking the time to savor it. Craft Reserve selections are distinctive, world-class coffees from the finest growing regions across the globe.


Beans are always freshly roasted for your order,and it is marked on each 4oz bag. You also have a option to personalize your coffee during the subscription and select whole bean or ground coffee. And If you are a Craft Coffee member, you’ll get deliveries on a convenient schedule that meets your needs. And if you need more to hold you over until your next delivery, they will send you a bag of any of their featured coffees for the guaranteed best price on the internet.


Revel Coffee ( Montana) – Light to medium body with fruity , floral and citrus like tone. The aroma from the beans were so great and it brewed a very nice cup with complexity and richness throughout. One of my favourites!


Bootstrap Coffee (Minnesota) – It had a bright acidity and mild sweetness, and I enjoy Jasmine or any floral aroma in my tea than coffee, so this was the least favorite of mine. But later I brewed a iced coffee and it made a perfect drink, and all the flavors were perfectly blended when it was cold.


Buon Giorno (Texas) – This was a crisp, flavorful cup, light bodied and lively. It had the caramel sweetness from molasses and complex acidity. When I had my first latte using these beans, at the time, I could definitely identify that it was sweet, and there was definitely some sort of slightly tangy aftertaste that I just couldn’t identify.

Final thoughts about the box: 

So far, I think that a Craft Coffee subscription is worth every penny. My 3 packets from Craft Coffee will last me a little more than two weeks. They’ve shipped me three most excellent coffees. I will also be keeping an eye on the selection at my local roaster. If they have any beans and roasts similar to those that Craft Coffee has sent me, I will be very curious to see how they compare! Also its a great chance to experience great coffees from roasters that you may not otherwise ever experience.

Cost: Ranges between $12 to $25

Ships internationally, charged in US dollars. (Just $2.99 a month to Canada and $7.99 a month everywhere else.)

Don’t forget you can save 15% with coupon code “bellechoice15” on your first purchase.

Will you try Craft Coffee ? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Craft Coffee Subscription Box Review ( + Coupon Code )

  1. Great review! So glad you’re able to taste so many different flavor notes! You should try BeanGenius! We are a specialty coffee subscription and discovery service. Each month we deliver a selection of fresh roasted, specialty coffees from our ever growing network of roasters. After you brew, go online, tell us what you thought, and our taste engine picks out what flavors you liked and makes better selections next month.

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