Beauteque BB Bag Review

Beauteque an online beauty store which specializes in Korean beauty has a BB subscription bag which contains 7-8 full sized Asian skincare, makeup, fashion or lifestyle products prominently Korean beauty. I had no idea what to expect in the bag so I was totally excited.

Bag came with a total of 7 unique and adorable packaged products! And a big Paris themed bag. Cute packaging alert!! Beauteque was kind enough to send me their BB subscription bag for review. Beauteque doesn’t prompt me to say nice and raving reviews. But I just really like the products they put out in this bag.



Each of the boxes have a theme, and this month it was ‘Sizzling Summer’ which I thought fit in perfectly with the summery theme

May Island Peach Hand Cream: Really cute Peach shaped plastic container and even the plastic protector inside has a little leaf shaped pull tab! This is a standard hand cream, made with peach, apricot and shea butter. It’s a creamy hand cream that isn’t greasy or tacky feeling and smells like peach yogurt! I am trying to use up this product and then make some good use of this really cute peach container.


Baviphat Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel Mini: I have heard about Baviphat products, I think the only company other than Missha. So glad I received 2 products from the same company. Another great peach scented product.  The texture is very bouncy, gel-like and grainy and this is peeling gel that will exfoliate, unclog pores and brighten your skin. After trying the product I could feel the exfoliating effect on skin but not much of other things it claimed.

Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask:  It is a light pink clay mask and the texture is quite bouncy like a firm pudding. Smelled exactly like the Body Shop’s strawberry body butter and the container is damn cute, a huge giant strawberry. It is a big bottle, would take me forever to finish this product. And the spoon that comes with it is cute and so adorable, my toddler had already claimed it. But I have hid for now as it is really tiny tiny cute miniature I don’t want her to swallow! When applied it reminded me of Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, similar when it dries.


Tonymoly Cotton Nail Ball: Again, my lil one picked this up as cotton candy and ran around the house like crazy! Not until I read the card I realized it was cotton candy colored 100% cotton balls! These are just so dang cute, not yet put to use but loved the addition and packaging.

iCharming Nail Polish:   This was one of the product where you get to choose your colors! That’s really nice and I choose the color Energy Purple , which is a pretty lavender and has micro glitter in them. It is very pale so It really will show up nicely with the darker polish underneath.


TonyMoly Timeless EGF Second Skin Eye Goggles: I love eye patches and these are in a google shape, and are an anti-wrinkle, whitening and anti-aging eye mask.  It is supposed to leave the skin around your eyes looking firmer and improve elasticity. Yet to give a try.

Witch’s Pouch Collagen Lip & Eye Remover:   I was quite impressed by the way it removed my gel eyeliner, lip stains in one swipe. So I did some research on the ingredients and this one has 5,000 ppm collagen and Rice oil. It does not feel greasy but you have to wash face after using. I really felt a squeaky clean face, and removes every bit of makeup on face including waterproof makeup.  Claims that the collagen will keep skin moisturized and soft.


Final thoughts about the box:  I loved all the products and they are really unique than I have tested so far, and the bag is bigger than what we get by Ipsy, so this one will be a keeper for travel. I loved the Lip & Eye makeup remover the most and the Baviphat strawberry mask. And not to forget all the cute plastic containers that it came with!

If you love Korean/Asian Beauty then you’ll probably love this BB Bag!! If you’re also someone who loves Sheet Masks Beauteque has a Mask subscription called Mask Maven!

Cost : Beauteque BB Bag is $22-24 plus shipping, and sends 7-8 full sized Beauty products plus a cute makeup bag each month. Prices will vary depending on how long of a subscription you choose and where you live. Every bag has a few products where customers can choose their options, like lotion scent, lipstick color, perfume flavor or like this one nail polish color. And usually the total value of the products will be around $65-$85 each month.

What are your thoughts on Beauteque BB Bag? Have you tried any Korean beauty products before if so please share the brands and name of the products!


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