Caffeine Rebel Subscription Review

As you all know my love of coffee, from hot to iced, and every variation in between -I just love everything about it. So here I am back with another Coffee subscription, fresh roasted coffee beans delivered straight to door by Caffeine Rebel.



Caffeine Rebel is a monthly subscription service that finds the best roasters in North America that you may not have the chance to experience in your local markets. Each month Caffeine Rebel selects a roaster and this featured roaster  will be offering all your blends for the month. So you get different roasts from a singular provider, allowing you to try multiple cups from different regions. Giving you the chance to discover new and delicious roasters and flavors, that you may not tried otherwise.What I really like about this subscription is can choose to get  1-2-3 different flavors and roasters of 12 oz bags! Hmm, I know big bags right??


The roaster that we got to try for this month was PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Konga Natural Ethiopia (Hairloom)  : The very first thing I noticed in the aroma was berries and lime, and that same fruity raspberry taste is in the cup. Even though it has over power of raspberry taste there was a distinct after taste of milk chocolate flavor which I liked a lot. Combination of sweetness from raspberry and milk chocolate gave a unique and distinct flavor which I had never tasted. Definitely my favorite.


John Brown ( Signature blend) : This is straight up cocoa flavored coffee, I felt distinct dark chocolate flavor mixed with sweetness and tangy taste of cherry. I could not get much of tobacco smell or feel which is a good thing, else this would be a fail for me but I think my taste buds could feel the chocolate more so loved the dark roast brewed coffee.

 Final thoughts about the box: Caffeine Rebel is for serious coffee lovers, they would fall in love instantly. I really like that we get a good amount of coffee for the price paid. Getting different flavors from the same roaster gives a fair idea of how we like and then purchase directly from the roaster if needed, which is a win win for both you and the roaster, so overall I really liked the way this box is curated. Definitely recommend if you are a coffee lover.

Cost: They have 3 different subscription kinds ( Each bag is 12oz, Free shipping and no tax. Ships to US and Canada.)

  • The Rookie – 1 bag/month – $29.99 per month.
  • The Coffee Aficionado – 2 bags/month -$39.99 per month.
  • The Coffee Crusader – 3 bags/month-$54.99 per month.

Have you tried Caffeine Rebel ? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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