Scent Trunk Subscription for Men – Review

In my recent review of Scent Trunk I had reviewed the samples for women but I got a chance to try the men’s box recently and my husband who is a little picky on scents had his views on these niche fragrance.


If you have not heard about Scent Trunk then it is a customized niche fragrance subscription service for both Men and Women. The major plus of Scent Trunk is that these are not mass produced scents. These are unique and interesting. Subscribers complete a short Scent Profile Quiz, the subscriber’s answers are used to determine a recommendation and will receive three niche samples for the month, from fragrance categories that may be of interest. For more info check my previous post here.


Here are the views from my husband, starting with the best!

Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

It’s a Bentley sedan in a bottle. Classy, sophisticated, and boss! Spicy, woody, oriental scent, but with a little fruit and sweetness, to let you know that there’s some smoothness in there. Overall, a delicious aroma that’s perfect for special occasions. This is a heavy scent, but also a heavenly scent.


Blood Sweat Tears by Atelier De Geste

This is a beautiful, full-bodied scent with tremendous presence. I was a little surprised to find that it had so much complexity. Wonderful longevity – easily 6-10 hours, and moderate sillage. I don’t know the origin of the name Blood Sweat Tears but it doesn’t (of course) smell like any of those things.


White Pepper Mandarin by Note Fragrances

It’s not overpowering, very fresh and clean smelling with the citrus notes. This is perfect for summer. The scent itself is very pleasant and definitely unisex. Looks like my wife loved it as much as I did, a citrusy, fresh, spicy, white floral scent. This scent is easy to wear, especially during hot wear and doesn’t scream ‘look at me’. It is definitely safe for work, uni and day time wear, it makes you smell nice but not appealing ( avoid on date nights! )

Final thoughts about the box: I think Scent Trunk is curating some excellent perfume choices – many of which are aren’t available in department stores. I love perfume so I am super happy with this subscription! I think this is a neat idea who want to experiment without having to go to a million stores and sniff around. These aren’t scents you will run into at Macy’s or Sephora (at least not the ones around me) and is a fun way to switch things up scent wise!

Cost: $15/month ( They usually have a lot of flash sales, contests, giveaways and 50% off on subscription boxes so follow them on social media so you can grab one of such opportunity to subscribe or try out the box )

Will you try Scent Trunk ? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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