First Steps Learning Library Review

Recently the blog has been all mommy stuff, so for a change I am reviewing a puzzle set that my toddler has been loving from couple of weeks. We found this amazing First Steps Learning Library at Costco. The one we have is for 2+ years, but there were other sets for 3+ and 4+ years.


My toddler who is now 22 months loves puzzles but the one that we have is a 12 piece set and she was never able to do it, so this 2 piece was just perfect. She is already spending time learning the animals, fruits and food in books, but did not yet have much progress with puzzles.

Over the past couple of weeks, she just wants to assemble the puzzle at least once a day and her speed at assembling it as well as her ability to do it independently has steadily increased. This is an excellent “first puzzle”. Also this box has received a Creative Child Award 2014 seal of Excellence.


These are great puzzles, easy to sort out the pieces and bright pictures are fine to put together. They are also sturdy and very eye catching. It has bright and colorful pictures on heavy cardboard. The pictures are of familiar objects that a toddler would be able to identify.


So this set has a total of 45 matching pairs introducing Early learning themes like Heads & Tails, Things I Eat and On the Farm.


Overall I think it is a great toy for building vocabulary. I suggest giving only few pieces at a time to put together. When all of the pieces are out at one time it can be overwhelming for the child. And for $12 it is a steal. Grab one from Costco before it sells out, as these just come for a certain time of the year.


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