WetnWild #GoWildWithMVP Gift Bag

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I won a gift bag of $100 of WetnWild beauty products. It was way back in May but I received the package last week. I am really thankful and grateful for all the products, but since I already love WetnWild so much, I own a lot of stuff but still loved trying new things and you know the feeling of getting a box  full of makeup goodies right?


Right when I opened the package I kind of knew that many products were from early 2014 collection. And since there were not many new products and I do not want to have duplicates I will be mentioning that I will pass it on to friends/family. This post is going to be epic long, so I try to keep my reviews short.



The star of the show, Max Volume Plus Mascara. A little detailed review on this product. This mascara claims that it will provide 10X the volume intensity of your natural lash, conditions with antioxidants from Macadamia Nut, Jojoba, and Olive Oil that is formulated with D-Panthenol to help strengthen lashes, and it is cruelty-free! The mascara itself has a light weight consistency that does not clump or flake once dried. I love that you can re-apply as many coats as you like and your lashes will not look flaky. I really loved the cone shaped wand as it can get in all the hard to reach places gets right up to the roots of the lashes and also the itty bitty hairs! All for only $5, I am impressed.

The other 4 mascara that I received are Mega plump waterproof, Mega protein waterproof, Mega volume and  Mega wear. All these are not opened and tested yet.



Now these are some cool brushes, I never tried any brushes from WetnWild before so it was a good start. I am really loving the powder brush, it is short, soft and fluffy. But disappointed with the kabuki brush as it is not as soft and dense as my elf kabuki. The foundation and eyeshadow  brushes are also soft and dense, and none of them shed except the kabuki brush. A good place to start for brushes if you are on hunt for affordable brushes.


Wet n Wild Color Icon Liner Lip Pencil

All of the pencils are very soft and have a great color payoff. Colors received are Plumberry, Berry Red and Fab Fuchsia.  The liners can be a little drying but if you have moisturized your lips before applying them you will be fine. Only downside is these are super long lipliners, hard to store and travel.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Liner Brow & Eye Pencil

Just like the lipliners these are super long and for some reason I had never tried these, may be because they are super long and had to be sharpened. After using these, I am really impressed how long lasting and crazy pigmented these are! I am keeping the standard black and brown color and passing on the rest ( Of quartz(purple) , Cool green and Sky blue) as I already have these colors in my collection but I am so happy with brown color, I use it non stop everyday for my eye liner and doesn’t budge or crease in this humid weather. Easy subtle smoky eye with just brown pencil. If you have not tried these pencil for less than a dollar, just try it and you will fall in love with it.

Wet n Wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner

Well, I wanted to pick this one myself and was glad to receive in color Black brown, perfect for summer. The felt tip is a little hard when you first use it, but dip in hot water and then rub the tip on a towel to loosen up the tip and works great. Use baby oil or coconut oil to remove. Loving this one at the moment.

Wet n Wild MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner

I see a lot of great reviews about these but I am not a fan of colored liquid liners, and I received the colors Turquoise, Plum, Indigo blue.

Kohl brow/eyeliner pencils

These are mini sized black eyeliner pencil, best for touch ups on the go. Stays in my makeup purse and car. Cannot have enough eyeliners!


Wildshine Nail Colors

Trust me I love WetnWild nail polish, it is quite watery in consistency but dries super fast, but always needs atleast 2 coats to show true color. Love these, always have been loving them, I will not be purchasing any more nail colors for sometime for sure. And you can’t beat the price, you would get it for even less than a $1. Received a total of 12 colors 404C Do Pass Go, 471B Kaledioscope, 480C Sparked , 438B French White creme, 470B Ready to propose, 476E red red, 482D Bijou blue, 455B Tickled Pink, 472D- D’oh! , 479D Casting call, 488B who is ultra violet, 473B Blazed.


Megalast lip color

Since I own most of the Megalast lip color these were repeats for me. I will be passing it on to my friends/family. But these are hands down best matte lipstick for the price at drugstore. The plastic case is awful, but if you can get past that, the lipsticks are perfect. I will do a detailed review on my entire wetnwild megalast lip collection with swatches. Colors that I received are 908C Sugar plum fairy, 911D Stoplight Red, 901B Think pink, 967 Dollhouse pink, 966 Dont blink pink.

Silk Finish lipstick

I did not own any of these silk finish lipstick. I think this stuff is pretty good for the price, but it is nothing special. These are more moisturizing than the megalast lipstick but the color selection was not something I liked much, more pink colors. I received 2 of the same colors, so I will hold on to one coral color and the rest passing on. Whats up doc 515D (2), Nouveau pink 518D, Breeze 531C, 15 minutes Aflame 517C.

Megaslicks Balm Stain

These are creamy, smooth, pigmented lip color that glides on beautifully and leaves a  long-lasting stain of color. Even though they are moisturizing at first they dry out after a few hours of wear. Love the ease of application, colors received are 159A Coral of the story, 127 A stiff pink, 129 Nudist colony and 128 Pinky promise.


Coloricon Contour Palette

Ok, one of the recent 2015 products, I was glad! I am not into any contour so I did not own this. The color I got was Dulce De Leche includes a yellow toned highlight shade and a medium warm toned contour color. The pigmentation is good. Highlight color works well to set my concealer while brightening up the area as well acting like the banana powders. And contour powder is an all over powder to warm up my skin. It’s a good color for me that doesn’t look too orange or muddy.

Coloricon Bronzer

Received in the shade Ticket to Brazil. I just cannot live a day without my Bikini contest bronzer which is less shimmer and more bronze compared to Ticket to brazil, and having tried this before, was not happy to see it again! It has so much golden shimmer than bronzer, not for me!

Mega Glo Illuminating Powder

I did not know this product existed in WetnWild. I never saw them in any drugstore before so I was surprised. This is perfect everyday bronzer/blush, color received was Spotlight Peach #347. Not too harsh and not too shimmery. When swirled together, the end result is a peachy-pink shade, and when applied to the cheeks, it gives a natural sheen which I absolutely love. Individual strips can be used as eyeshadow, blush, highlight and bronzer.

Silk Finish Blush

One of my favourite blushes in shade Mellow Wine, A natural Peachy dusty rose shade while it looks like it might have glitter in the packaging, it comes of completely matte. The one that I already own will probably last me forever but can always have a backup. Love this color more than Pearlescent pink.


Ultimate Brow Kit

Ash brown – WOW! this one is a bomb. I was so satisfied with my ELF eyebrow kit that I never tried anything else in market for years. Now having tried this, I have not gone back to elf ! The lighter brown color is all I need and it is so much dark. And the dark brown is really black, jet black! My go-to at the moment, The best way to apply is to dab lightly then dab some off onto your hand, and apply in small strokes. Perfection in a box!

Eyeshadow Palettes

One of the very disappointing choice here, as much as I love wetnwild eyeshadows I received almost all 3 damaged pieces. I exchanged my own palettes for the sake of picture. The palettes received were  5 pan Tunnel Vision  and 8 pan Poster child which I owned already and 3 pan Crushed Spoiled Brat, so the ones that are not crushed will be deported someday.

So finally coming to the end of my epic gift bag review, hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what are your cult favorites in WetnWild? If there are some hidden gems that you want to suggest, please share your views in comments section below.


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