Review on JCat Golden Soleil Baked Bronzer

Looking on becoming a bronzed beauty in the hotter months?? I have a review on affordable yet fantastic products for you. With four bronzers in the set, there’s one to go with every mood, outfit and moment in your life. JCat beauty has recently come up with 4 Golden Soleil Baked Bronzers that are similar to Lorac or Milani Tantalizers. Although not mentioned as face and body, the product is generous enough to be used for face and body.


These are a baked marbelized bronzer with a shimmery finish. They have a finely milled silky to the touch feel and produce an incredible glow on cheeks much like you’d get from any higher end bronzers.  They add instant radiance and glow to skin that’s simply stunning. Formula is smooth, minimal fallout with excellent pigmentation and proves very easy to blend out. Actually I like multitasking with this as you can use it as a shadow or as a bronzer/blusher.


  • GBB101 – Coconut Island : Golden-champagne shimmer
  • GBB102 – Bora Bora Beach: Marbleized Golden pink swirls shimmer
  • GBB103 – Cancun Golden Tan: Coppery penny bronze in a marble design with swirls of golden & Pink
  • GBB104 – Cyprus Clay: Marbleized mocha shimmer

GBB101 – Coconut Island  – I am going to be referring to it as a highlighter because that is its function on my face (and that of most people) even though it is marketed as a bronzer. It’s not too sparkly – you really do glow when you wear it! It blends and wears really well too.  If you apply it normally, as you would with any other highlighter, the result would be even more natural, giving your skin the “lit from within” look. The shade is definitely too light for my skin tone, as I have medium skin, and gives a perfect sheen and glow on skin and looks stunning when applied concentrated on lids. The product looks so much like Mary-Lou Manizer on my skin.

GBB102 – Bora Bora Beach: My least favorite in the bunch. It has more golden sheen to it and the most pigmented out of the four. I really love using this as a eyeshadow because it shows up so well on lids. But if used a very light hand it can give a Soft golden glow. I haven’t had good luck using with it, as I am a beast when it comes to bronzers. But those wanting a bronzer that can multitask as both a bronzer and a shadow (a little on lids creates a rather great coppery, bronze metallic look) this may be the one.


GBB103 – Cancun Golden Tan: More soft taupe bronze with hint of pink and gold. A more natural bronzer with shimmer. I don’t mind a touch of shimmer in my bronzer. This does have a good deal of golden shimmer so you need a lighter touch when using them but please trust me the effects are stunning to say the least when applied correctly.  The “shimmer” is more of a nice glow with the bronzer.

GBB104 – Cyprus Clay: One that has the least amount of golden sheen to it and darkest of the four, but not too dark. This has less golden undertones than GBB103 as well and produces more of a traditional bronzing effect. For people who do not wish to add any shimmer this would be the best one to pick. I especially like it for those lazy days were I want to throw something on that looks natural and not overdone. I love the subtle shimmer and the warm color that last all day.  It’s the perfect color for contouring my medium olive toned skin.It gives my skin a flush of peach that’s warm and rich but not muddy or crazy orange.


Overall, these, in my opinion, are well worth picking up! Especially 101, 103 & 104 Use them alone or try them with a hint of cheek stain underneath. They create a perfect golden glow that’s absolutely beautiful for summer look. All of these bronzers have a very nice formula, amazing pigment, and leaves a warm, rich finish on my face that’s perfectly flattering for the Summer.

If you love bronzers or have a olive, tanned complexion you’ll absolutely love the darker shades. Colors just pop with this amazing pigmentation without looking muddy or orange.

JCat beauty is now sold at Ulta and you can pick these individually or you can order online at JCat beauty site for $7.99. Let me know if you have tried these and what are your thoughts in the comments section below.


7 thoughts on “Review on JCat Golden Soleil Baked Bronzer

    1. Yes these are wonderfully pigmented. I think 104 is the least shimmer one, but I love both 103 & 104 & don’t show too much shimmer when blended. 101 is amazing highlighter. Hope this helps Alecia!

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  1. Cyprus Clay is two shades darker than my skin tone. I think it’d make a lovely contouring powder. I know it is the least shimmery but is it too shimmery for contouring?


    1. Yup, I think Cyprus also has shimmer and might not work for contouring well. It has fine shimmer which is really good for bronzing skin and even all over body but I don’t see it could be used as a contour powder. Hope it helps…


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