August 2015 IPSY Bag Review

Another month and another Ipsy bag review! I really loved the theme #PrepSchool this month and the wide range of products that were in sneak peeks. But I got nothing that I was wishing for from sneak peeks! Well there is always a next month right? Now let’s talk about the products I got!


Trust Fund Nail Polish : I like this dark lilac color, and the formula is vegan/cruelty-free. They have a plant-based formula so it is non-toxic, and they smell like mint. I was not too excited about this one as I have too many nail polishes and hate getting one in ipsy bag. But after receiving this I saw it was Manufacturé du Montréal!! Thats it, now a keeper just for sentimental reasons 😉

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment : Wasn’t very happy when I saw this product but heard great reviews about making hair smooth, soft, shiny and frizz free! Will definitely give it a try, if it works then I would go ahead and purchase the item as it is very affordable.


La Fresh group Night Cream: To make good use of the item that come in packets is to to put in travel bag pile, perfect for a weekend or short trips. The cream has a good smell and non-greasy to use and has a bunch of wonderful ingredients, so definitely giving it a try sometime.


Hikari Lip Gloss (Merlot): Any lip product in color Blue based Pink is featured in sneak peeks I am sure Ipsy will throw this in my bag. This lip gloss gives a lot of color and a decent amount of shine too. It definitely gave me that stained lip look. The color of the Merlot lip gloss looks pretty but the texture reminds me of why I hate lip glosses that are very sticky so I probably will not be using it much at all.


Starlooks Longwear Eyeliner Pen : This is a very nice liner pen, it’s so fine which makes it easy to use. This would be a great pen for a beginner. It applies smooth and dries quickly and doesn’t smudge. I like how bold it goes on and seems to stay on. Definitely one of the best items in the bag.

If you are already a subscriber, what did you think of your August 2015 Ipsy bag?  Are you happy, disappointed, or ambivalent?  Let me know in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “August 2015 IPSY Bag Review

    1. Amy, Glad you loved your box!!!
      I always give a feedback that I love the color so I do get this shade every time. But I had great hopes on this but it is way more sticky than usual lipgloss.

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    1. Nancy, Ipsy does offer repeat products so in couple of months you may get this!! Or even better keep an eye out for redeeming the points, for sure they will have this out for 250 points or 500.


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