ColourPop Liquid Lipstick Review, Comparison & Tips

I had to try this, cuz they are the only liquid lipstick that are 6$ which is a steal. These are some utterly gorgeous, very pigmented, very matte lipsticks that are so, so worth the mere $6 that they cost. I am a frugal mama so I bought just one shade Bumble few days after their initial launch and then purchased Clueless during their recent launch. Since I received them I have been using non-stop and trying everything to make it work the best. Keep reading if you want to know my views on these different formulas and some tips and tricks.



Colours are pretty opaque, no sticky feeling no tackiness and zero transfer. Once dried you can never feel it. Love the smaller doe-foot applicator, so you can be precise about your application on first attempt. These things are virtually SMUDGE PROOF! I kissed napkins, drank coffees, tea, water and rubbed against my lips and I didn’t see any wear off or smudging. Keep reading till the end for all tests that it has passed!


If you never have worked with liquid lipstick, it may take some getting used to.

Tips and tricks: These have helped me enjoy liquid lipsticks much better.

  1. Lip exfoliation is a must, there is no second thought about this step. Anything with a matte finish is your enemy if you have dry skin/lips. They are drying, and if you already have dry lips it’s a bad combination.
  • You can choose to use the good old ELF lip exfoliator for $3
  • Quick DIYs:    a) I love making one with a little sugar, honey, and lemon juice. Tastes amazing and you smell like a cookie!  b) Or you can just use a spare toothbrush use a little vaseline or lip balm and gently brush it across your lips to smooth. c) If you do not have much time and still need to exfoliate quickly then use a baby wipe and scrub your lips to exfoliate.

2. Apply Lip balm when you start applying makeup, then blot and use a similar color lipliner and fill your lips. Then apply the liquid lipstick. This will definitely reduce drying of lips.

3. Apply lip primer for a longer and smoother application. I use Urban Decay Ozone which we received in previous ipsy bag.


While applying lipstick stretch out your lips, so you can apply color in every nook and corner of your lips. When lips shrink back to normal size,color will settle in your fine lines. Its better than when you are talking and your lips stretch and  lips crack and there is no color where you should have applied. Also don’t blot your lips after applying. Apply bottom lips first, redip, then finish with top or vice versa and wait for it to completely dry.  Fall out or flaky is due to chapped lips or applying layers. Just one thin layer and thats all. If you fail in first attempt, wipe it off and reapply.


Having said that I choose one color from each release, I can say that the formula has improved a lot in the second release. Bumble a warm terra-cotta shade from 1st release and Clueless is a dusty warm pink from 2nd release.


  1. Initial Drying : I feel Clueless dried much quicker than Bumble. This is better because you will not be urged to chap the lips when it is still tacky or wet, our usual tendency with lipsticks. Faster it dries to matte finish better right?
  2. Wear-time in between meals: I have applied Bumble on top lip and Clueless on bottom and stayed at home and had my regular coffees, water and juice. They are definitely transfer resistant with liquids warm or cold. I can say the wear time of Clueless is around 6 hours before I see any fading compared to around 5 hours for Bumble.
  3. Wear-time with food : Any time you’ve had a meal, they lose that transfer-resistant quality to a noticeable degree. Credits to oil in the food. The more oil-based meal the more they fade and come off. They come to a tacky state where they start to transfer just like any lipstick. I felt Clueless was more tacky than bumble after having meals.
  4. Water : As you see in my pictures below I have applied on my hand to test the water resistance and done my dishes, washed my hands multiple times and even gave a shower to my toddler. I could see Clueless fading after 6 hours in water test than bumble which started flaking in just 4 hours.
  5. Lipgloss : At times I have felt lips to be too drying after couple of hours of wear so I have applied lipgloss on top, obviously I lose the matte finish and will transfer. Also I’ll get tiny flakes where the matte lip color has lifted by mixing with gloss. Since bumble is a darker shade it is evident that it looked more messy than Clueless.
  6. Layering : I have tried reapplying both Clueless and Bumble on layers after the initial layer is dried. Bumble flakes within 2 hours of wear-time. I would definitely never wear bumble in layers after I tested. But Clueless was lot more forgiving and started to flake after 3-4 hours. See my pic below.
  7. Color Topping for different shade : I love to mute down the shade Bumble at times. So first I apply bumble after it is dried I apply Clueless, and tried other way round. Now somehow the formula of Clueless is much better in layering. Having Clueless as base and then topping with Bumble gives a lighter shade of bumble and sticks to lips without flaking for 3-4 hours than when the same is done reverse bumble starts to flake in 2 hours. So I have realized never reapply bumble shade at all, or with bumble as base.
  8. Liquid Lipstick over Lipstick : Ok, I agree this was stupid, but my lips were so dry and I applied my most moisturizing lipstick in color nude and then applied clueless, well obviously it never dried to matte finish. But I can say it turned out like a less sticky version of lipgloss! It does transfer but if you love the color then why not as a lipgloss 😉 but beware it does emphasize cracks in the lips.

Final thoughts: 

Overall I have been really loving the liquid lipsticks, with more and more drugstore brands coming out in fall, I am totally ready to try them with all my testing done and now comfortable with liquid lipsticks. I would suggest buying 1 or 2 to try the formula and see if u like them & then purchase more. If you hate lipgloss and tacky feeling on lips this is the way to go and also if you do not have a very dry lips to begin with you will definitely love these once you are comfortable.

Let me know your thoughts on affordable liquid lipsticks and colors you love. I am definitely ready to start exploring more!


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  1. Hi! I have nominated to the Beauty Blogger Award. I love how detailed your review is and how much effort you put into it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Hope to read more from you soon. Yami from Nana Loves Beauty.

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