Lorac Pink Champagne Eye Shadow Review

How did you are survive the crazy Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday deals? I should thank my cold and fever for not having to go out but just stay home and shop online. It was one of the best feeling unlike previous years, it really saved a lot on my wallet as well!

So one of the purchases that I was very sure about was the LORAC Limited Edition Pink Champagne Eye Shadow/Cheek Palette (Amazon exclusive) . I usually do not miss the holiday Lorac palette, I grab atleast one if not all.



This palette is frickin’ fantastic, I am so glad to have made this purchase. Read my post below and just rush to Amazon and grab this puppy before it is gone forever.

This palette is no different from Lorac Pro, the texture and feel is exactly the same. Just in case you are new to Lorac palettes these are incredibly silky, soft, smooth, buttery shadows but they have lot of fall out and kickoff when you put brushes on the pan because they are so finely milled. If you are a beast with your makeup( wink wink like me!) then its really hard to deal with these shadows.  A little bit goes a very long way, less is more with Lorac.

LORAC Pink Champagne Eye Shadow/Cheek Palette  contains 4 eye shadows, an eye and cheek highlighter, a blush and a bronzer, this elegant palette contains all the shades you need to go from soft and sweet to sultry and Smokey. Packaging is pink satin sheen on the outside, and has a  nice sized mirror on the inside.

Starting with the blush, it is perfect neutral pink. Looks totally matte but has a tiny bit of sheen to it. It gives that very sweet lit from within flush.

Bronzer shade is a little light for my olive tone skin, but works as a it good matte transition color for my eyes.

Eyeshadows are matte, no shimmer, versatile for day or night looks. Plum and gold are standout colors in the palette. I am so glad with plum/burgundy shade, this color is the star in this palette for me. Gold is straight up perfect gilded gold, just adds the perfect touch of glamor.

My only disappointment is the Champagne white highlight, this is stark white shimmery , I don’t tend to go for these shades often as I don’t prefer white shades for my skin tone. But for those with lighter skin tones would love this shade. I dabbed my brush on gold and white to highlight and it worked for me, but just white is nehhh.

Swatches below are done on bare hand with no primer and just one swipe. Brown shades are not showing well on my olive skin tone, but trust me they are wonderful on eyes.


My final thoughts about this palette is this is just as good as Lorac pro, you would use on regular basis. Both younger or mature eyes will rock this baby. This is all you need for travel and perfect for work. Everything from day to night neutral looks can be achieved by this palette. The only disappointment is the white highlight, its so huge, that I wish it was cut in half and had one more eyeshadow. Who would use this huge white and hit pan? Seriously? I mean even the gold too.

Well, if you have come this far I definitely think you need this palette either for yourself or as a stocking stuffer, run before it is all gone. You can find it only on Amazon for $19. Get it here.


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