ColourPop Kitty Holiday Set Review + Dupes!

One more beauty product review from Thanksgiving, just because I do not want my lovelies to miss the opportunity of grabbing this cutest set from ColourPop. This is about the Kitty Holiday Set( Amazon$31), I don’t want to lie when this came in mail I was disappointed just for the fact that these were teeny-tiny and I should have waited till Cyber Monday to get the same set for 16$.

Even though my initial thoughts were very disappointing when I saw how tiny these were, the newest formula and the colors totally made me love this set to bits. Later on doing some research I was able to see how mixing few colors or just the shades by themselves are super close to some high end liquid lipsticks. I never buy any high end lipsticks when drugstores can offer so much,  this was like a steal to buy hot shades for a lot cheaper.



ColourPop revamped its formula and is a lot better than previous batches giving their liquid lipsticks a more comfortable wear and mixing shades and wearing them has never been so easy and flawless.

Coming to the colors:

The lighter two colors look too similar but Times Square is more brown tone than pink and it looks washed out on my face, but this is a perfect blending medium for darker shades. Bianca is soft dusty pink and definitely highly loved color in this set.  Be Merry is the perfect wearable pink that is flattering on every skin tone but also you would already have this color in form of lipstick. Glitter is a perfect Violet Red which is not common color to find and looks amazing on medium to dark skin tones. And the star for me in this set is Last Dance. I was on the hunt for the perfect brick red shade and let me tell you I’ve finally found it.Last Dance is the most perfect brick red ever!!  If they release Bianca or Last Dance in full size I will rush to grab these puppies.


Now the fun part; DUPES!!

I found some amazing dupes when two darker shades are mixed with Times Square(least favorite for me). Glitter with Times Square gives this amazing Lumiere shade from ColourPop and the second concoction is Last Dance with Times Square looks so much like Lolita2 from KatVonD. These are not exact dupes but very close shades. I had to pat my back when I found these concoctions, and have been wearing it daily since then!!


Now coming to the actual dupes of the existing shades ( The dupes list collected from different sources in instagram and one of them is @dupethat). Also I do not own any of these high end shades to do a actual comparison ( but check the links they have them swatched)

Are you not doing a happy dance now? Yes, this is the reason I was saying this set is totally worth buying.


If you are new to ColourPop liquid lipsticks, check my review and guide on making them more easy to wear in this post. I guarantee you that this set is much better in formula and lot easier to wear.

Don’t you think you’re actually get a lot out of this set for the price? What are your thoughts on the Kitty set? By the way these are still available if you are thinking of getting them before they are gone. And if you badly want this set and ColourPop doesn’t ship to your country buy off Amazon for $31!


2 thoughts on “ColourPop Kitty Holiday Set Review + Dupes!

  1. Hi, can u suggest the same shade as be merry but drugstore brand? My be merry is finished but i want a fullsize lipstck same as this colour please help


    1. Milani ‘s – Allure liquid lipstick is quite a nice shade match, but you can also get Bumble from ColourPop which is similar to ‘Be Merry’ . Hope these two shades will help!


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