We Sat Down ~ Mommy Moments

I think I haven’t written mommy moments in this blog for a long time. So during this time of the year pillows and warm fuzzy throws are my latest obsession along with a good book and Coffee. I think it just comes back at this time of the year. But now my toddler (2 1/2 yrs) also joins me which is just awesome.


Seattle weather that is so stormy these days just makes it more convenient to sit back and relax at home, than running to museums and malls. There is a beauty to the sight and sound of rain that I am able to appreciate more when seeing through the eyes of toddler. We sometimes forget to appreciate the magic that surrounds us and kids really bring things to perspective.


We cuddle on couch couple of times during the day with our pillow & throw and a coffee and her warm choco milk with a book that I’m currently reading In the Company of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon  and her favorite book  My First Treasury of Snowy Stories. I read the book for her and she is so fascinated on huge beautiful pictures.


At night just before bed, a quite time near fireplace with Christmas decor around and just soaked in our story time is a perfect calming end to the beautiful day.

I think I will continue to write a post every month on current books that we both are reading. Please comment below your current favorites and if you have kids what are they loving?

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