Perfect Autumn/Winter Pout by WetnWild

I know these lipsticks are there forever, but since I keep going back to these lipsticks during this time of the year and just fall in love with them every time I wear them, I wanted to post a quick short blog post on my top favorite fall/winter lipsticks from Wet n wild.



I know each of these lipsticks can look a certain way on me might not look the same on others with different skin tone. But still these are quite fall/winter appropriate for most olive to dark skin tone girls.



Absolutely no scent , amazing color pigmentation, under 2$ , good lasting power atleast 6hrs and being matte, everything ย you can ask for and one of the best drugstore lipsticks from my opinion.

Only disappointment is with the packaging, the lid gets so dirty and the lipsticks usually gets broken when I try to close them in hurry. Well, since they are under 2$ I don’t mind repurchasing over and over!

Let me know which shades from WetnWild do you rock in Winter?


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