JCat Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadow Review

Do you love a bit of sparkle and glamour? Then JCat Beauty’s Blinkle collection is right up your alley. These are sophisticated sparkle and not chunky glitter shadows. Adds just enough sparkle when needed without feeling like a glitter ball.



The pigmentation is incredible as always, and they rival any similar expensive eyeshadow on the market. They can be used dry or wet for more of a rich, metallic finish. I must say every time I wear these I get a ton of compliments. Yes it’s sparkly, but in such a beautiful way. None of these have chunky glitter. They are all micro fine. The colors are buildable but also you can have it be pretty sheer. These shadows are really soft and easy to work with, and although they have fallout like any other shimmer shadows,they perform great on the lids. The shade range is beautiful and the price point is easy on the wallet.


This product is great for a bold evening look or a simple daytime look. I like to wet the brush if I’m using it for an evening look, because it really makes it ‘pop’ when I apply it. Putting it on wet give an extra vibrant pop and the glitter within it does not fall off onto your face all day!

I get my best results when I layer these blink on top of a creamy, wet base, because they love to latch onto something.There is fall out, but if you take your time and wipe it off it’s fine. There wasn’t any fall out after applying and no issues with fading or creasing.


Of the 12 shades released I have four here, I tend to go for more natural tones, and I’m totally in love with Amber honey and Black diamond which are my go-to at the moment.

BSE108 Black Diamond :  Looks amazing by candlelight and daylight! A gunmetal grey just waiting for you to pop on a smokey eye. I have been loving using this as eyeliner on either top or bottom lash line, just gives a ‘pop’ than regular black liner. And perfect for everyday without looking too dramatic.

BSE101 Amber Honey  : I am a sucker for gold shadows and this has become my new go to shimmer shadow. I use it over any neutral eye that I create, mostly with the browns. I just put it on with my finger tip and blends really well. Depending on how much color I need it is either the base or my second color but I love this color, perfect golden shade. And this is one shade that has very minimal fallout, very easy to sheer out and a must have from this collection!


BSE102 Tangerine Light : At first glance, it’s a gorgeous reddish copper. This color is stunning, especially for summer! You can get a subtle shimmer effect with a lighter application. This is the shade that ipsy had in January glam bag. I prefer to wear this colors as a light wash over the lid,to add just a touch of sparkle.

BSE106 Smoked Tiger Eye:  This Silver color is a light grey tone with silver sparkles. This is the only shadow I felt is has a more flakier texture and more fallout than the rest. But once wet this has amazing pigmentation and less fallout shown in swatch.

Overall this product is very versatile, you can get a hint of color perfect for everyday, by blending in a little more you are ready to accent for your workday, and by being creative you let the color show all the deep shimmer qualities it has – you are ready for a night out!  I highly suggest checking them out!


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