Eve Pearl Spicy Cheeks Blush Trio Review

Let me tell you, I don’t experiment much with blushes in general. I have a set of staple blushes that I usually wear and do not get excited and run out to buy, as new blushes are released. Something my wallet appreciates! With that being said, after trying Eve Pearl blush I have been more excited about blushes than ever before. I’ve actually been wearing the Blush Trio a lot ever since I got it.

The creamy texture and perfect skin tone matching trio makes an unbeatable and irresistible combination for medium to dark skin tone girls.


I love the sleek gunmetal grey cover, thin square design with a mirror makes this one attractive, travel friendly trio having the 4 blush options and using them as eyeshadows and bronzer all-in-one!

The blush trio I have is “Spicy Cheeks” for Tan complexion, its a Peachy-Pinky-Bronzer trio and these blushes have a buttery texture, which makes them blend very well. You literally need the gentlest touch to get most out of these blushes, they are ultra pigmented and has a amazing color payoff. They have 7 different trio options for every complexion and you will be able to find the best one for you!


The colors are beautiful, extra pigmented and vibrant. The tones of Peach-Pink-Bronze shades matches perfectly for my olive skin type. These blushes looks like matte but they contain the faintest hint of pearl making it appear more matte and a little luminous. I’m glad I find multiple uses for this palette. Every single shade can be used on its own either on the cheeks or even as eyeshadows. Any of these are just wonderful on lid, every time I open this trio, I struggle to make a decision to use it as eyeshadows or blush. And the bronzer shade works perfectly to bronze my skin. Amazingly perfect travel option!


When I say these are heavily pigmented, I mean it. I cannot use a traditional blush brush to apply these blushes. If you are familiar with Eve pearl she uses Fan brush a lot in her videos. This #110 Fan brush feels incredibly soft and airy, and when I used this on blush trio I was blown away by how well it blended all three colors on my face. Using fan brush to sweep the colors and apply is the only way to go with this ultra pigmented palette.

Blush lasts on my skin for about 8 hours, which is perfect for a long day of work or running errands. The only negative thing I can say about these blushes is that they do kick up some fallout in the pan when you’re picking up color, this happens when I try to pick the bronzer shade or use them as eyeshadows with my regular bronzer or eyeshadow brushes but when used with a fan brush to apply blush, I don’t see it happening.

Overall I’m absolutely in love with this beautiful, pigmented blushes in this sleek and compact design. Prefer to use this as a trio than separate blushes. And fan brush is the best way to go, because you can really control the pigmentation that way. Undoubtedly my go-to blush, bronzer and eyeshadow at the moment!

Can be purchased at Blush Trio Spicy Cheeks on Amazon (affiliated link) or Eve Pearl website.


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