Mommy-Toddler Books of the Month – Jan 2016

Hope many of you have already started new year resolutions (mine are were : exercise/meditate/quit sugar/less screen time), some of mine are still going strong and some just said good bye in a week! Happens everytime! So let’s move it along and come up with something a little more realistic, read 2 books per month! The easy one which I love 😉 and this helps my toddler get into more reading and spending time at library and in turn less screen time! Wow! This helps! So I will be posting our favorite reads of the month(read my December post here)


Potty by Leslie Patricelli : This book is darn cute! We are just learning about going to potty and she wants me to read it over and over to her. Loves when we reach to the page “Tickle tickle toot”! Overall a very funny and cute book.

The Owl Goes On Holiday – This book is definitely not for toddlers, we were in Ikea my daughter picked this book because she saw a huge owl on cover page, and we had to get it as she would not let it go! Well since we bought it over the holidays she has to flip every page to see the pictures and explain what she thinks each animal is doing. We have never read more than a page from this book but the pictures are so nice that she flips over couple of times a day!


Coming to mommy books, I tried to balance between a novel and personal development

The Drowning: A Novel by Camilla Lackberg : This story has a lot of characters which is a little confusing at first, but they are all important to the story and have to patiently continue reading. The story builds slowly and does not rush. I really enjoyed the crime and psychological aspects of this book. If you are a first time reader of Camilla Lackberg then it would be hard to understand characters and this particular story does not enhance these characters a lot. As always she alternates stories past and current and encourages the reader to think and draw his conclusions. It is easy to become a Camila Lackberg follower!

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin : Linchpin is Seth Godin’s challenge to do your life’s best work. He insists that everyone is an artist, a person whose unique skills, insights and enthusiasms combine so that they can produce art in their work. The book extensively addresses the voice that says “No!” in all of us, which prevents us from moving forward to change and think towards “Yes!”. So, the essentials: Don’t settle. Your life is your shot to make a difference, helps spark the creativity inside you to think about doing what you want to really do. Overall a good read and motivation boost for me!

Have you enjoyed any of these books? Or which books are on your wishlist or you recommend for mommy and toddler? I would love to hear back from you!


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