Dupe Mary-Lou Manizer – JCat Beauty Coconut Island

Quick post to share one of the dupes that I have recently found for the cult favorite theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer.


I had Mary-Lou Manizer but it broke when I used it for traveling and never purchased it again and later I got my JCat beauty Coconut Island bronzer I was quite happy with it and used it almost every-time I wore highlighter. Never did it occur that these were so similar as I did not have Manizer for comparison.

I recently got the balm in the balm of your hand (review coming soon!) and I look at Manizer and Coconut Island they are just the same. Wear time, the softness and application is identical. Its the same champagne shade that has the same perfect sheen and glow on skin and looks stunning when applied concentrated on lids. And more importantly if I break in travel I will buy it again!

theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer – $24 – 0.3oz(8.5gms)

JCat beauty Coconut Island – $7.99 – 0.53oz(15gms) – Use Ipsy coupon on Ulta!


So if you have been wanting to try Mary-Lou Manizer or have a backup you can definetly buy Coconut Island from Ulta using the Ipsy coupon and get for less than 5$! Its a huge pan and can be used dry or wet as it is a baked product. For complete review check my post here.

I always appreciate a good bargain, especially when getting something cheap that probably should be expensive. Why spend $25 on one piece of makeup if you could spend $5 on something that works just as well and looks exactly the same? Right?


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