Mommy-Toddler Books of the Month – Feb 2016

A very quick month for mommy and my little one with falling sick and taking turns we spent most of our days at home. Glad the weather is getting better and longer days with some sunshine is all making gloomy Seattle alive!


So here is what we read this month.

Coloring Book : Its coloring phase for her, scribbles everywhere and has eventually come to terms  to do in a book! Love these coloring books at Bullseye section in Target!


What’s Up Duck? by Tad Hills : Lil one loves to imitate and read opposites, one book I don’t have to read, she has memorized the pictures and knows what is written, what a relief to not read the same book 50 times a day!

Click for Instant Preview of Book 

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert: This is one of the kind books that I will keep reading over and over, its practical, helpful, comforting and inspiring.This book is so different from her other books, I loved it so much that just this month, I read this book and listened twice on audio books! I was greatly soothed by her voice, if you want to read one of Elizabeth’s book this is the one. Some of her Ideas:

  • Authenticity is better than originality; after all, there’s nothing truly original out there
  • Follow your curiosity and keep saying yes
  • Finally, put your work out there with trust – words like success and failure don’t matter

Click for Instant Preview of Book 

Winners and how they Succeed by Alastair Campbell: After reading Big Magic I was more inspired to read similar kind of book, and this one gives inside stories of many successful people from business, sports and political field. There are many characters that I did not like but still there is something to learn from each one of them. He made some excellent points about attitude, leadership and persistence. This book is a light motivational read like couple of pages a day.

Click for Instant Preview of Book 

So any books that inspired you this month? Would love to hear your recommendations.


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