Eve Pearl Primer and Foundation Review

Review time again! If you are looking for skin products that are HD and infused with nutrients then this post if for you.

Eve Pearl products are unique because she uses CosmeNutrients which is cosmetics infused with nutrients. Combining the unique blends of vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and anti-oxidants into multi-functional cosmetic formulations.


Priming Moisturizer Treatment

Who doesn’t like a product that not only blurs all imperfections but also hydrates and boosts skin with nutrients? Right?

It does exactly as it claims and acts beautifully as both a moisturizer and primer in one. It leaves my skin feeling well moisturized, soft, and supple and isn’t greasy feeling at all. It is clear so you don’t get any tint which I like. It sinks into my skin rather quickly dries to matte finish but not powdery and leaves me with a smooth canvas to apply foundation over.  Also my makeup lasts really well with no shine or fading. Water is the first ingredient and Glycerin is the second!

On days when I’m in rush I use this primer with mascara and lip balm and I still feel confident to step out of my home! This is a definite repurchase for me and I have stopped using every other primer in my collection.


HD Dual Foundation – Tan

For a cream foundation, it’s the creamiest foundation I have seen. Eve Pearl cream foundation has no water in it, therefore a little (and I mean a little) goes a long, long way.

Unlike other foundations, this is highly pigmented and when I tried Eve Pearl Method which is to apply both shades to strategic areas of the face, the dark on the cheekbones, forehead and chin, the lighter shade to the “hollows” of cheek above the jawline and under the eyes. The genius of this is it looks more natural than using one shade all over and trying to use just one shade would not match my skin tone as the dark shade is way too dark and the lighter shade is two shades lighter. Although it gives a flawless look when I apply after a few hours my face feels too creamy and the coverage turns darker. I even set it with her loose powder.I tried couple of times thinking I have used too much product but I always felt more greasy face after.  So I prefer not use her method , wish I could master to suit my skin.


Having said that I still use as my everyday foundation and I pick up just enough product that I need enough to even out my skin tones so I dab a flat brush on both shades and just buff all over my face to get a very thin layer of product to match my skin tone and this works just as beautiful as her reverse contour method at least in my opinion! And using a damp beauty blender gives even more natural finish. Later a bronzer and blush can fix everything else. I’m totally surprised how little of this product gives a beautiful satin finish that really does look as though your skin is naturally gorgeous and blemish/blotch free.

I find getting Eve Pearl products in QVC is the best because of the wonderful sales that happen often and you can get customized products for your skin type for a lot less compared to purchasing them individually. Also Hautelook has some amazing deals.

So as I said I will continue to use my HD dual foundation but I loved the primer more and will repurchase! If you love Eve Pearl products let me know which ones are your favorite.


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