JCat Soft Matte Lip Cooler Review

Ready for a new set of Liquid lipsticks? When you can find something that is affordable, moisturizing and not drying then I’m all for it. JCat Beauty came with new Matte Lip Coolers that reminds me of nyx soft matte lip creams but lasts a lot longer. And colourpop satin lipsticks are so similar to these as well.


Main thing that I love is comfortability, these don’t completely dry down to dry feeling they dry to around 97%. So if you rub your hand it would smear a bit but they dry to right amount that makes you feel you are wearing nothing on your lips. They contain Peppermint oil to hydrate and moisturize lips. And applying a lip balm helps in having a smoother application.

They are the same consistency as nyx soft matte lip creams, they are pretty creamy they are not thin or watery like regular liquid lipsticks, these are more thicker and mousey consistency but it is kind of creamy and moisturizing at the same time. It feels super comfortable and feels like you are wearing nothing on your lips sometimes I even forget that I’m wearing a lipstick and when I look at the mirror I will be like Oh yeah!


One thing that I love the most is the WAND, Yes the applicator! if you see colourpop or any drugstore liquid lipsticks or lip glosses they have a stiff wand but these wands and I’m fine because that’s the price you pay for it but these JCat applicators are so flexible like a high end wand, I couldn’t get pass thru it, it was one of the most comfortable wands in a liquid lipstick. Love, love love the applicator. Wish I could swap to some of my drugstore liquid lipsticks! Yes, call me crazy.


These definitely don’t last as long as liquid lipsticks. I take them with me and reapply when needed and they don’t fade ugly they fade very nicely. They don’t crack or peel or flake off – I don’t need to worry about any of these. You have a decent wear time but you have to reapply. These last to about 4-5 hours, like every lipstick it does fade after eating, but since it is not the same consistency as liquid lipstick it does fade after I have had couple of coffee or water.

One thing I do not like is they are a little bit patchy and I have to reapply two coats or more for a nice opacity.I can totally look past these as they are so much less than any liquid lipstick or even nyx soft matte lip creams.


Ok, now lets talk about the shades! I have 5 shades with me, and some are more opaque than others.

Peach Fruzzies: Lightest in the my set and  not as pigmented as others and settles in cracks. This is my least favorite of the bunch. I apply a darker lipliner and prevents settling in cracks, and since this color doesn’t work will with my skin tone a darker lipliner trick works.

Rose Smash: Not  flattering on my skin tone, I mix some lighter shades to tone down the pink punch and get the nice color. These dry down after 3-5 mins, so you have a lot of room mix and match the perfect shade you want.

Frozen Choco: This is the most popular shade and looks stunning on every skin tone. This is the perfect my lips but better shade. And definitely one of my favorite and has the amazing consistency and more opaque than the previous two. Love this shade for my everyday look.

Frosty Raspberry: Perfect Red lipstick, I just love the comfortability of wearing this, amazing pigmentation and totally opaque, just one swipe is all it needs and this makes it to dry quite quick. And one of the most long lasting in the bunch. It fades quite naturally and evenly which I love and I prefer to apply a lipliner just to avoid any smear outside.

Berries World Sorbet: Deep berry color, very flattering on all skin tones perfect color for fall and winter. Love this color and may be similar to Kylie’s new shade KoutK. Again stays longer than the lighter shades and wears off evenly though out the day.

Overall I love these comfortable matte lipsticks, they take around 3-5 mins to really dry down to matte which is something you need to get used to and may be a con but this gives a lot of room to mix and match the shades. Also it takes atleast 2 layers for a good streak free application. And the best part, the applicator! You will really appreciate when you see how comfortable and precise you can get with these!

Tell me if you have tried these, or any drugstore liquid lipstick that you have been loving.

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