e.l.f. Soothing Serum and Daily Hydration Moisturizer Review

This is one of my long due posts, I wanted to review e.l.f. daily hydration moisturizer and soothing serum for the longest time now, and have used 2 bottles each since released. So its high time I write what I think as I have tested enough to talk about it.elf1


Daily Hydration Moisturizer

Key Ingredients: Jojoba oil and shea butter (moisturize); aloe and cucumber extracts (soothe skin)

This moisturizer contains high-performing hydrators, like shea butter and jojoba oil, but don’t feel greasy. Shea butter alone is really rich, but the formula is very lightweight, they’re quick to absorb, and is ideal to layer under or over other product. The packaging is functional & sleek.The white lotion comes out through a pump dispenser so you can easily avoid overload. It has a mild, clean scent.

Two pumps is all that needed for my face and neck and I’m good to go. If you don’t require those ‘luxurious’ type moisturizers, give this a try. I don’t find myself feeling too oily throughout the day, but my dryness is kept under control and I feel perfectly hydrated and nourished. This is one moisturizer that works wonderfully for normal to combo skin. Only thing is as a daytime moisturizer, this does not have any SPF protection in it.


Soothing Serum

Key Ingredients:  Jojoba and Aloe (skin nourishing) and Vitamin E ( sooth skin)

The lightweight lotion texture is closer to a moisturizer than a serum. It is opaque and white like a lotion-type moisturizer, the word serum made me think it would be a gel. It takes 2-3 pumps to fully apply to face because it gets absorbed too quickly before you can fully spread it out on your face, which is a lot considering how little product you get. It goes on very smooth and I like how it doesn’t really have a scent. It didn’t create excess oil on my skin throughout the day to make me look too shiny. After testing for 2 months straight I can say that the serum did nothing to my skin. I used it morning and night everyday to see the results but I felt I was using 2 moisturizers than serum.

Moisturizer was $8.00 for 2.53 fluid ounces which is a lot of product for the price.  And serum is $12.00 for 1.01 fluid ounces. So by the time I finished 2 serums I was still using my first tube of moisturizer.  Now using moisturizer alone without the serum my skin feels the same as it was with serum.

I do not think I will repurchase serum again but definitely the moisturizer is a quick buy at target, I might try the night cream and bubble mask which is always out of stock.

e.l.f. is adding more and more to the skin care line, so which ones  you recommend me to try? Let me know in the comments section.

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