JCat Perfect Brow Duo Pencil Review

I love a good brow product and I also love to find more affordable alternatives and one of my new finds is from JCat beauty, surprisingly they are around for a long time but it took me time to realize they even had brow products, having a reputation for tremendous color payoff that was a must try item from JCat Beauty!


There is a wonderful color range, 8 colors total, ranging from chestnut, auburn,shades of brown and black. I honestly think everyone can find their perfect color. But the shades do not go as the name so better off checking for swatches. I love the packaging! The caps have the almost same color as the product so they are easy to find. There is absolutely no doubt with the color payoff, it is opaque and rich so you honestly don’t need much product at all. Each pencil is double-ended, with the pigment on one side and a spoolie on the other, leaving you with no excuse to not blend your color and brush your brows into shape. The pencil is supposed to be long wearing and very precise while applying easily without dragging at the skin.


These brow pencils is very similar to many microfine brow pencils on the market today but the closest I found was NYX micro brow but not as sharp tip but the consistency and stiffness is similar. It is super pigmented, even with the lightest touch. They have a rectangular kind tip, that is sharp at two ends than the regular round tip (I will insert a pic to make it clear) that helps create those small hair like strokes.It is pretty stiff and hard – but it has just enough creaminess to have the product glides on so smoothly across the skin and  you can control exactly how thick or thin you want the lines, and how natural or bold you want the brows to look in the end. It is extremely fast and easy to use so you can use it for everyday.


As I said the color and pigmentation is great. I have no complaints there. One downside is the spooly on this is very sparse and not very good. The bristles are too far apart, making it hard to blend in the product or really comb through the brows. But it’s not a deal breaker.

I know finding a correct shade is tough so my swatches are done on a paper to make it easier to find the shade for you!

I have thick brows but I love brow pencils that give good pigmentation with slight strokes and fills in exactly where I need. I use the shade ‘Dark brown(107)’ which is a warm toned brown. I have naturally dark brown hair with an ombre and almost black brows just for reference. I also use the color ‘Light Brown(108)’ as it is a good color match for a more natural day.

One thing that I did notice are the ingredients, compared to other brow products it has a blend of vegetable, coconut and soy bean oil. Having oil blends is so much better than bunch of chemical ingredients! Also you get a whooping 0.01oz (0.25g)!! product for $3.99 at Ulta and if you have ipsy coupon for JCat then it is totally a steal!


If you’ve been thinking about trying JCat brow products out I definitely  recommend

I N S T A G R A M | F A C E B O O K  | T W I T T E R | B L O G L O V I N | P I N T E R E S T



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