May Ipsy v/s Sephora Play Review & Debate!

I have been busy in my personal life and so I haven’t written any blog posts for over a month now. I even missed the Ipsy sneak peeks, but I think it will be a few months to get back to normal, but for now I had to do a quick comparison with Ipsy and Sephora Play as many of us have got off the waitlist last month, and see if Sephora Play is really worth the hype.


Why Sephora Play? What I was thinking:  I’d rather pay $10 to get a box with 5 deluxe samples to try rather than spend $500 to get 500 points to redeem for 5 deluxe samples at Sephora. Also it was so hard to get to Sephora Play and when I was off waiting list, there were no second thoughts, I just jumped in! Having tested Sephora for a month I can tell that these samples are tiny tiny, so disappointed with that part already. These were literally for one time use! And in comparison with previous months I felt there was a difference in size and products, well I will see couple of months more to see if I like it.

Why Still IpsyNow Ipsy has been my only beauty box  that I’m loyal after trying every beauty box available and I have been loving it inspite of having couple of bad months, I never liked anything else because it was the best I could get for 10$. I love the fact that I get full size items and sample size and Ipsy is very generous. Now Sephora Play is also 10$ but tiny tiny samples and I am debating which one to keep. Because if I had to spend $20/month I would rather go with Boxycharm or Glossybox that are amazing with full size products!

So I will review both Ipsy and Sephora for couple of months and I will be unsubscribing from one of them or both and switch to Boxycharm for a change!



Lets get into May’s box to see which one was better!

May Ipsy : Comes with 5 products in a cute bag!

Loved: Hikari bronzer is full of shimmer but it is wonderful on eyes and blush and bronzer are still wearable, so I can get a good use when I travel. And Formula Mud mask really worked, I now prefer sheet masks but this one is generous size and has a amazing strawberry smell and tingling feeling when applied. So get a spa effect so I loved it.

Ok items: I never like Smashbox mascara and I always get one! Well this one is not as bad as last one, so I will use this. Organic Pharmacy Lip balm is fine, I don’t love it but I can get good use in winter. Creamy matte lipstick from Mellow cosmetics I got the color Electro! How many orange lipsticks one need? I don’t hate it but not like it either. I use a brown lipliner and then apply this orange to get that katvond lolita shade which gives better use to this lipstick! Try it if you have got any orange lipsticks!

Hate: No hates!!

Score: 7 /10


May Sephora Play : 5 Sample size products with a Perfume Sample in white drawstring bag. ( I received only 4 items with a perfume!)


Loved: Origins Overnight mask and Active charcoal mask, it was a one time use but I loved trying them overnight and loved the masks. Origins masks are good and I always wanted to try them so I was glad with the sample. It was also nice to have Origins mask primer, which I got exactly 2 uses that I used for both masks. Not sure if it did anything, but it was sad that I really got only 2 uses!

Ok Items: Bite beauty lipstick in Kimchi, definitely not something that I wear often but using a nude lipstick to tone down makes it workable. I will get good use of it and may be for the first time in years I have hopes that will use up a lipstick! I love when I get perfumes and  Atelier Orange Sanguine is straight up Orange liquor, it will get used over time and goes in my perfume collection jar.

Hate:  Tarte Lip crayon was a joke, thank fully I took the picture first, I got just one use of it. It was hard and so tiny tiny that I was grateful that I could fill in my complete lips. This is not a mask like one use right? Briogeo Don’t despair, Repair hair mask I used it but not something that made a difference. It did nothing, I would rather use a banana or avocado or even olive oil and get much better results!


Overall I think Sephora Play items you can really use up all the products in couple of uses and finish in a month! Its like use the items and come back to Sephora to buy more! I am clearly not happy with the box, but it is not fair to judge in a month. So I will give another 2 months chance and see how it goes.

As always Ipsy bags are always a hit or if you can use 3-4 products then worth it. So it was a acceptable bag for me. But I am tired of the brands that I get in Ipsy. I need change. Having for more than 2 years I am done with the brands. So this subscription is also under consideration for 2 months.

If you like my comparison let me know! What do you think!

Also if you have subscribed to Ipsy and Sephora Play like me, what are your thoughts?? Let me know in the comments section below.

I N S T A G R A M | F A C E B O O K  | T W I T T E R | B L O G L O V I N | P I N T E R E S T


5 thoughts on “May Ipsy v/s Sephora Play Review & Debate!

  1. I too just got my first Play box and thought samples were really tiny. That lip crayon was ridiculous!
    I still like my Ipsy bags but my favorite is probably Glossybox as you get a lot of full size items.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, I agree, I want to try glossy box or boxy charm but they are $21, so I might cancel Sephora and go for one of them. If I get one more bag that has one time use items I’m done!


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