June-July Ipsy v/s Sephora Play Review & Debate!

Sorry that I am reviewing 4 subscription bags in one post! Yes I was planning to do a review about Ipsy v/s Sephora in June but Ipsy bag came very late and so I am reviewing everything now with July bags. You can read my initial thoughts in May review here. I was not sure which one I would unsubscribe but having tried Sephora Play for 3 consecutive months I have cancelled one of them! To see what I got in June and July bags and which one I unsubscribed keep on reading!



June Ipsy Bag v/s Sephora Play

I loved my June bag! Ipsy killed it with Urban Decay Lounge, Elizabeth Mott Blush and Frank body scrub. I could not complain much as I got a black liner from ColourPop and Hey Honey moisturizer was amazing as well. Overall I have good use of everything and loved the bag.


So was the case with Sephora, Becca Priming Filter which I always wanted to try was ahamzing, Bare Minerals serum bronzer did nothing to me, Tarte sunscreen was a good addition, Benefit Mascara and Bumble and Bumble was a repetition for me but still usable.


July Ipsy Bag v/s Sephora Play

This was the final test for which bag to choose and I was finally able to decide. But lets first see what I got in my Ipsy bag. Too Faced primer, Ofra lip liner in Maya were something I wanted to try to understand the hype. Then I really liked Thrive eyeliner in black just because it had a smudger in the back! and Briogeo Curl Charisma was really good. Luxie eye brush was a good addition. I felt all the products were either usable or something I was happy with, so ipsy was a win for me.


Now Sephora play on the other hand had good products but  Benefit hoola liquid bronzer, really again a liquid bronzer and I have no use for it. And how many smash box primer samples would one need? I loved the First aid cleanser and Nest citrine perfume but was not too excited for Beauty blender blotterazzi or Ouai spray. It clearly made me get the idea that Sephora has a bronzer, hair spray in every box. And it made no sense to get products that I do not use.


So considering that in June I was lucky that my Ipsy and Sephora Play was equally good I was stuck which one to let go and after having tried July bag I was able to realize that I love Ipsy more than Sephora Play. When I subscribed to Sephora play I was ready to get a bag with dog poop because I had waited so long to get this bag but having tried for 3 months I know its not worth my money. My reasoning for unsubscribing from Sephora Play is that not all products were catered to my taste or that I could make best use of and also the point system of getting 50 bonus points I had to again spend money in Sephora even if I did not want to spend! And I really spent 45$ for all 3 cards to get 150 bonus points, well that is something I regret because every time I get the card I am forced to go and make a purchase and I have no self control!! So I better get rid of this box than spend more money!

So girls from now on you will only see me doing Ipsy reviews and no more Sephora Play. Let me know what subscription boxes you are subscribed to and how you feel in the comments section below.

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