Blisseré Kit – Review

I have a quick review of an online store Blisseré that is filled with ONLY all-natural and organic beauty products. This was recently launched and they sent a cute package to test their products. Being a DIY freak you know how I feel when it is all-natural so I was happy to test them out. blissere1

The packaging is very simple nothing fancy and no ingredient list on the packaging which I prefer it had, I hope Blisseré makes the changes in near future. Since this company is recently started I can get over that fact and checked their online store.

Coconut Oil Body Scrub – You all know how I feel that has anything coconut oil, and this was the first item I tested. The ingredients list is: Organic Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Natural Fragrance Oils, Vitamin E, Cosmetic Glitter, Sweet Almond Oil. Now the first time I saw this I was surprised as it had pink glitter, this is not something I want in my natural product so it put me off, but after taking pictures I went ahead and tried this product, it feels nice, dissolves quite easily and effective, and doesn’t leave a mess. I really liked the way my skin felt removing dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and radiant.If this jar was without the glitter specks then I would have loved it even more, just saying!


Bentonite Clay Soap Bar – I don’t remember the last time I used any soap bar other than Dove, and I have not tried any Clay based soap at all. It did not come with any ingredient list but I was told that it is made up of Bentonite clay and goat’s milk soap base. I have used it only twice and as any Bentonite clay product this absorbs excess oil on the skin without drying; cleans and tones my skin. The combination of the scrub and the soap bar was perfect as the traces of oil from scrub was balanced by the soap. If you have oily skin I think you will appreciate this soap bar more.

Interested in trying all-natural beauty products then check the store here.

I N S T A G R A M | F A C E B O O K  | T W I T T E R | B L O G L O V I N | P I N T E R E S T

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