Sheet Mask – Tips and Tricks

Sheet masks may be our favorite new beauty trick. All the benefits minus the mess that some homemade masks can leave behind. I never knew this can turn into Addiction 😦 Amazing for travel, excellent short cut to an elaborate routine without compromising on results.


If you are new, I’m sure you are not, here is a quick rundown- Sheet mask is an individually wrapped luxury facial that’s super convenient and for the most part, majorly budget friendly. In 20 minutes you can have quick results targeting skin issues like Brighten, Tone, Hydration, Purify, Firmness and Clarity. Made with various materials, ingredients these masks pack a punch and truly feed the skin. Sheet masks are also made specifically for neck, hands, feet, eye, and lips. The price points can also range from a $1 to $40 per sheet mask.

I’m no expert and I have just been incorporating this in my skincare regime for a little over a year but I have researched a lot and I never realized when it turned into addiction! With absolute no knowledge and a decent learning curve to make it work best, I have learnt these tips and tricks which I love to share them with you.


Starting Clean : As always having a clean cleansed face is best. I even exfoliate with a mild scrub so there is a perfect canvas to absorb the nutrient rich serum. I do it right before I go to bed, so I cleanse and exfoliate my face and then slap one of these masks. 
Chilled Mask: How refreshing would it be to slap on a chilled sheet mask? If I have planned for a sheet mask then I pop it in fridge for 30 mins or more. There are days when I think about it just when I’m going to cleanse so I run with a sheet mask pop in freezer get my face cleansed and exfoliated and run back and grab it within 10mins to pop on my face!
Double sided goodness: Every sheet mask has instructions for 20 mins or more so based on the instructions I flip my mask over at half way to get complete double dose of goodness on my skin!
Never Waste: After the instructed time the mask still feels like it has moisture so I slather it all over the neck, décolletage, arms, legs, heels, etc. When I rub it on heels and pop socks I really feel my difference in my dry heals next day.
Precious Serum in Cover: There are few masks that are totally saturated and still have a lot of serum in them, so I handle them with care and pop in fridge vertically. Next day I either just slather it all over face and neck depending on how much serum is in the packet and let it dry or if there is too much serum then I get one of these compressed sheet masks and dunk it and apply it again! If you do not have these compressed sheet masks then just use regular cotton pads soak them and apply.
Masking Time: I used to keep masks for more than 45mins or until all serum was evaporated or just dose off too 😦 really big mistake! Who knew it is counteractive. Lesson learnt. When the mask starts to dry out, it will actually begin to suck out the moisture from your skin, thus doing the exact opposite of what we want. So stick with the time and remove the mask.
After Masking: Initially I would not apply anything after sheet mask, just go to bed. But now I feel the moisture and goodness are better locked if I apply my serum and simple moisturizer or my regular night time moisturizer. My skin definelty feels a lot plump when I wake up.
Consistent: Like every other beauty regime, sheet masking every couple of days gives the maximum benefit. Just like exfoliation this needs to be done couple of time.Currently I exfoliate and use a sheet mask both at the same time, so this is one way of incorporating both skincare regime at once!
Reasonable Spending: Now you can get amazing sheet masks at Ulta and Sephora but they cost around 4$ and more so I prefer to check at Walmart, Target or even shops like Daisy if you have one. I prefer to get more for the buck. Also I love to shop on Amazon where I can get brands that you get in Ulta for a lot cheaper and also many other K-beauty brands that is not easily available here.
I’m no expert as I said, so any tips or tricks that you use or any recommendations would be greatly helpful. Happy sheet masking!

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