Deep Cleansing Skin tool

As we all know a good cleansing device helps for any skin care products to absorb and perform better. I used to use a Clarasonic brush dupe and my favorite Konjac sponges (my review here). In the past year or more I have a issue with both my cleaning devices, because they tend to cleanse my skin with exfoliation, which I do not prefer for my hormonal acne prone skin. No matter how gentle the device claims to be they are still some surface scrubbing involved.

Other aspect is the hygiene factor, when dealing with Konjac sponges and brush heads like Clarasonic, I feel there is so much prone to bacteria build up even though you change brush heads and disinfect the sponges. I was trying to keep up with sanitizing my Konjac sponges but not always and having acne I did not want to take a chance in hygiene so I had to stop it.

For the longest time I’ve wanted a Foreo Luna but was never able to get my hands on one & justify the cost. Its just the way youtube works when everyone used Clarisonic I badly wanted one and then came Luna. Well, I was glad I never got one because if you wait you get dupe for pretty much everything! I found this little Foreo Luna dupe on Amazon and I just grabbed it. Its been more than a year that I have been using so I can give you my thoughts on it.


This Luna or any dupe cleanses your skin is not through abrasion or exfoliation, its by pulsation. These bead like structure is not for exfoliating. The basics of this brush are simple- the button in the middle turns it on. On either side you have a + or – & those make the cleansing pulses stronger or softer. This thing can go really high or low which is great if you don’t know what works for you yet to or to change up on different areas of the face. The base will light up as you adjust it.


I gently massage this over my face not putting any pressure on the device and not pressing it on my skin at all but just gliding it over. It removes dirt residue, dead skin cells, thru the pulsations than abrasive exfoliations. The design helps to reach every part of the face. I do not use it every single day. I might use it couple of times a week and this has definitely taken over my Clarisonic brush kind of tool that I used before. I might have charged it twice in over an year and half and that is pretty impressive.

I love that I do not have to clean or change brush heads like Clarisonic and it stays on my sink and dries there where as my Clarisonic kind needed a dedicated cup holder and had to be charged couple of times a month. The advantage of using a luna  or any such dupe devices is that it eliminates those issues entirely. Since it is made of silicon, this is soft and smooth on the skin, it is non porous. There is not much opportunity for bacteria build up. One charge lasts for more than 6 months and I can carry while I travel or take it with without having to deal with extra stuff.

The one in the picture was purchased by me on Amazon, I do not see this product being sold on amazon anymore, but I remember paying $30 and not more for this guy, but you can get anything similar and will work perfectly well than shelling so much on Luna! Let me know what do you prefer to cleanse your face.

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