No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum Review

I’ve made it my mission to find best anti-aging products available in the market and even though this serum is designed for 45+ skins, (I’m in early 30’s for your reference) but wanted to give it a try. Right from the start, I liked the concept of including a day and night serum in one package. It’s a unique idea that has different ingredients that I can use at different times.

no7-1I stopped other serums and used  it for straight one month to see a difference. I don’t see a huge difference but I do feel as though my skin feels firmer  or plumper and my skin seems brighter. The scent is a little medicine-y for my taste but I have overcome with it now. Both serums blended well into my skin and never felt heavy or greasy and gets absorbed quickly.

It’s only in the mid-40s and beyond that the skin’s three sign of ageing – wrinkles, dark spots and loss of skin firmness – make themselves known.

Geeking the ingredients: No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum

Day Serum: Designed to brighten, protect against free radicals, and firm skin. The skin brightening complex includes Sophora, Kiwi, and Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid), the antioxidant complex Ginseng, and the firming complex repairs structural protein with vitamin A, peptides, and DPHP (an ingredient known for hydrating and boosting collagen production)

While the forms of vitamin C in the serum are wonderful ingredients for the skin, there is always an issue with stability and, as the serums contain water, the longevity of the vitamin C is questionable. Given the potential stability issues, if you do decide to buy these products, don’t let them languish in the bathroom for more than three months or they will be of no use to you at all.


Night Serum : The serum contains glyconolactone, which is a Poly Hydroxy Acid- wrinkle-fighter, similar to Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, which are all designed to exfoliate the skin this is a milder version that is even suitable for sensitive skin. It claims to have a number of anti-aging benefits including increased cell turnover, skin brightening, and reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size. It also hydrates and strengthens skin’s barrier function.

Final Verdict: Will I repurchase this serum for $27? Not really, I think it is still not the right fit for my skin, if you are 45+ then there is no harm trying it out for a drugstore price and it definitely has potential and ingredients that will show visible results on your skin. But since I did not notice a huge difference for my skin I’m still going to try new products. The tubes seem small in size but on regular use it can come for over 2 months, and I think you would compromise on the formula if you leave it opened for more than 3 months.

Let me know what serum you use that really made a difference in your skin?  I would love to try them. Also you will see a lot of skincare reviews and DIY on my blog, let me know if you love these, always appreciate your inputs.

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