Best of 2016 – Skincare & Makeup

This is something I wanted to write since I had done one in 2015 which featured best products that was released in 2015 but I realized I have really not tried everything that released in 2016, so I’m compiling all my favorites and thanks to Instagram challenge #2016beautyfaves which made it easier to put this blog post together. For my Instagram followers this is a repetition but If you do not follow me on Instagram then please do and I will follow back!


Ps: I mention “this year” a lot as I took this from my Instagram post that I did in December, and lot of emoji’s for the same reason. Also to see pictures of all these products listed pls check my Instagram!

Lipsticks 💄: Love all colourpopcosmetics lippie Sticks but one in Contempo is my fav💗maybelline Touch of Spice and color blur Mauve it are my everyday go-to no matter the season🌸

Foundation: I’m a methodical person when it comes to foundation, I categorize by season, perfect for everyday makeup and don’t want to look super “done”. I repurchased my misshaus BB cream (Review here) twice this year, so it is my ride or die for all spring and summer while it has high SPF and gives amazing coverage and shinefree 🌷🌻
On days I wanted a light weight my all time favorite maccosmetics Face and body and my fingers and I feel pulled together. Use all year round🌾🌹
And jouercosmetics moisture tint is another favorite that adds a glow & moisture to my skin and evens out my skin flawlessly, and this is my current go to in fall and winter and it has SPF🍂❄️ Do you choose foundation based on season? Let me know💞 .

Face Mask: I love my DIY face masks (here) and that is my staple no matter the year. Also I don’t splurge on high end face masks at all! So my face masks are affordable, does it magic and move on to pamper with skincare. Check my other blog posts for everything skincare. But this year I have tried so many sheetmasks (Review here) from so many brands that it is crazy! So this has to be my fav face mask🌸
If I needed instant gratification and butt soft skin in 5 mins and work on my day then freemanbeauty Charcoal Black sugar mask was game changer 💗 (Review here

Face Palettethebalm_cosmetics Hand Face palette vol1 (Review here)  is my fav palette of the year. It traveled well and will be going on more trips this month🙌🏽
It has my style of eyeshadows, blushes,bronzer, highlighter and lip options that pretty much more than what I need🦄
With a toddler you know, the least amount of product you have in hand the better & quicker 😉 I love ❤️ products that are multitasking and can’t wait for Vol2 release! 🌸


Hair Tool :The wet brush that I got on Amazon is the best thing I got this year for my hair. If you have wavy to curly frizzy hair then try it! 💆🏾💦
And my good old Conair self grip rollers had a very special place 💗 .

Concealer : This was no brainer I can’t stop using maybelline concealers to cover my 🐼eyes!! They work well and I don’t have to splurge👛🌸

Hidden Gem: My Favorite Gem” in skincare and makeup: OILS!! I love using facial oils as moisturizer, winter skin healer or to mix with foundations. Also use different oils from head to toe😍so here you go guys my “favorite gem”😜. Read my posts Magic of Oils series here

Blush : Let’s be honest I don’t get time for blush and bronzer often so I don’t use it everyday and not too keen on exploring new! I’m happy with what I already have and will use maybe twice a week! So with this intro my most used blushes for this year are
1) Rose Champagne by wetnwildbeauty – everyday muted flush color is my love❤️️
2) evepearl blush trio (Review here), these are super pigmented and has the bold shades that I love for my skin tone, 🙌🏽 and not to forget I use them as eyeshadows too!😉🌸

Hair Product : Everything you need to know about this heavenly smelling mizaniusa 25 Miracle Milk Leave-in Treatement is in my blog!

Face Cream : If I was doing this challenge 10 yrs ago- still it would be the same products🙌🏽💞 I think it will be the same for next couple of years unless I want to switch to powerful anti aging cream😉
cetaphilus gaint jar from costco😉 and evergreen ponds anti wrinkle cream is all I use every day along with my oils. I love ❤️ these two cult favorites💗💞

Liquid Lipsticks : I got over my love with liquid lipstick a lot earlier this year.. now I appreciate gloss😇 yes I was never into them before , but these are my favorite brands of liquid lipstick that I used the most this year 💗💞
colourpopcosmetics jcatbeauty ofracosmetics are 3 brands that had the most comfortable lipsticks according to me🙏🏽😘😍

Lip Balm : Basic and simple are my favs❤️️ burtsbeesus pink grapefruit is my favorite and I have it in purse, rooms, car.. i mean everywhere💞
For real harsh winter cracked lips burtsbeesbaby multipurpose ointment works great for any rough patches and for both baby and me🙌🏽💗

Face Primer : I love primers that do a little extra than regular prime or fill pores and make a smooth canvas. I apply primers even when I apply BB creams so it has to perform extra 😉and L’oreal Magic Lumi is my favorite for years 💞but I found the studiogearcosmetics primer and it was everything my lumi had and more skincare benefits so this is my current favorite 💞.(Review here)


Makeup Organizer : I love candle jars for my brushes but this year I got 2 of these organizers from amazon which holds all my single shadows and palettes that I don’t reach often, but actually I’m reaching for these more because I see it stacked and clean😜

Bronzer : Did not find anything new and exciting this year for bronzers!
Two of my regular favorite bronzers tartecosmetics park avenue princess bronzer and wetnwildbeauty Bikini Contest.

Eye Cream: This is my DIY version 🍃🌟of eye cream made with Shea butter, castor oil, coconut and almond oils along with vitamin E. I will share exact measurements on a blog post soon. But I have been making my own eye cream for a very long time and I just love it. This is my night time eye cream as it is quite heavy, + it is my brow cream😜
But I also like neutrogena Hydra gel eye cream for daytime under makeup 🌸

Lipliners : Love to toss lipliners in every purse, car and every place cuz they don’t break like lipstick or leak like gloss right?😜 and it has to be twistup plz🙄
Some of colourpopcosmetics favs are in purse or car so I have the jordana_cosmetics and jcatbeauty lipliners I have been loving all year long, and again only neutral shades 🌺

Eye Primer: Eye Primers take forever to use-up, so I never keep too many, better to pass on than hold. My urbandecaycosmetics primer portion took years to finish and I was wondering if I will ever splurge on primer😐, I don’t wear eyeshadows often.. FYI!!
And when I do I just put my concealer on lids and do quick one shadow look #mommythuglife 😜 and for real eyeshadow days this year, my most used primer is from loraccosmetics . Finally end of story! Why do I write so much🤔

Eyeshadow Palette : This year I loved using my Lorac Pro 2 Palette! One of my ignored palette but this year I used it more than any palette🙌🏽 I mean whenever I get a chance to wear eyeshadow 😜😉#mommythuglife …
Great for simple look to dramatic or pop of color🌸🌟 ❤️️

Highlighter: I have 3 favorites and each one has legit reason😇 ❤️️
colourpopcosmetics wisp is perfect highlighter for my olive skin tone, I wear this when I really want to show my highlight bling🌟
essence pure nude is my new discovery and very subtle for every day look, I feel the lit from within when I wear, one of my favorite every day product 🌸🙌🏽
physiciansformula shimmer strips are my blush topper/eyeshadow & highlight, and you know how much this mamma loves multitasking, so can’t be without these😜❤️️😘

Perfume : I love perfumes. I love testing rollerball and I have so many that I don’t know when I will finish them😝 but when I need to be at work -elegant & chic nothing can compare to my favorite Clean Skin. This is what I have used most this year


Mascara : If you are subscribed to Ipsy or any subscription boxes you know there is no need to buy a mascara and you are set for next 2 years😂 So I have not bought any mascara at all except my L’Oreal Voluminous Blackest black, I feel naked if I don’t have it and it has been my favorite forever. I try all the samples that I get but nothing I mean nothing will replace my puppy.. And as crazy as it sounds I have 4 backup of this💞❤️
Out of all the samples that I got the itcosmetics Superhero mascara is the only one that I genuinely liked, and really having a spot next to my L’Oreal says that it is special😉

Lip Combo : My favorite non drying lip combo is Revlon Sultry 😍using in its true color or blotting it off and adding a coat of Sugar Lips lipgloss 💄 from beabombshellcosmetics. Individually both are amazing by themselves and I love them but the combo just takes it to another level🙌🏽. I feel it just compliments my skin tone and keeps my lips looking plump and flush color💋💋👄

Contour: The least favorite and one thing I never do is Contour 🤣 so WetnWild  is the only Contour palette I own and I might have used it like may be 5 times😝

Toner : I love my DIY ACV Toner, I add or make changes to it per season so this has to be my favorite for this year.❤️
Honorable mention to two of my other favorites thayers rose witch hazel toner (Review here ) and pixibeauty glow tonic. Both are wonderful💗💞

Eyeliner : Good old elfcosmetics gel eyeliners, creamy pigmented and does the job, and if it dries out I don’t mind replacing it quickly 😉 urbandecaycosmetics perversion waterproof eye pen makes a flawless winged line and I love the tip, need to find a alternative though😝.  jcatbeauty gel pencils are amazing for waterline or tight-line, don’t make me a racoon,so ❤️ them!!

Lip Gloss : I’m loving regular lipsticks and lipgloss after getting over with liquid lipsticks. I learnt that lipgloss need not have to be sticky anymore😉😍 My favorites are from loraccosmetics and buxomcosmetics. I cannot have enough of these two lipgloss 💄 and I have just one shade from beabombshellcosmetics and that has been amazing too.🌸💞💋 .

Setting Spray : Mariobadescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rose water. This is my makeup setting spray, my summer face spray, mask spray, sheetmask spray…and more and more.. I love it and go thru like 💦
ulta had 5x points last few weeks on mariobadescu products, any guesses how many of these bottles I got🤣🤑😷(6!!)

Powders:  I apply powder no matter if it is BB cream, foundation or just bare face with concealer. So I go thru these pretty quick
1) ultabeauty Double duty wet and dry foundation powder – Love on bare face with concealer, medium coverage best to get on deals, really very good product from ulta🙌🏽❤️
2) L’oreal true match powders are just amazing to lock everything on any base and wonderful on its own too. Love the cream to powder formula🤗💞
3) Rimmel Stay Matte powder my holy grail is not in picture but I don’t have to say much at all, best translucent powder of all times.💦💋

Makeup Tool: Nothing can beat my beauty blender!
I spray my Beautyblender or dupes with some Mariobadescu face spray and start bouncing anywhere there’s makeup. When I’m done, my skin looks plumper (that’s the bouncing) and my makeup looks airbrushed. I actually understand the true definition of dewy thanks to the moistened sponge. Everything I could ever ask for at one time. That’s the power of a good application tool. .

Makeup Brand : As I could not choose one makeup brand for this year here are my favs 🌸 loraccosmetics 🌺 wetnwildbeauty 🌹jcatbeauty 🌷colourpopcosmetics 💐jordana_cosmetics 🌻

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    1. Yes, it is one stop for face! You can get it at the balm website or even on amazon. Check my blog post on the review and I have the buying options there as well! Hope they release Vol2 this year!


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