BB Cream like Foundations Review

Almay and No7 brands are drugstore brands that are much more expensive compared to drugstore price range products and I have never got any foundations from them. Not that I needed any more foundations in my collection I picked these two and have been testing for 2 months and have gathered my thoughts on each. I was surprised that both had so much in common, even though I picked them randomly but then decided to review them together as they are so similar!


Here are few of the very similar features that I would like to address before comparing the two individually. Both have SPF 15 which is great, but not much for everyday use. I would add SPF even when using these foundations. The texture of these makes it so easy and flawless to apply with fingers than a brush or beauty blender as the product melts into the skin and they do have pump which is good.

Both are high up in the price range in drugstore foundations and give just medium coverage, the feel, texture, and finish of both are very reminiscent of BB Cream. I would think both as a BB cream than a foundation as they have decent SPF, and have anti aging benefits and some key ingredients that help the look, feel and plump skin and this is really better than just plain matte/dewy foundations.

Almay Age Essentials Foundation:

As I said it’s medium coverage it looks like second skin it is very hydrating and moisturizing blends into the skin. It is more watery in texture with no specs of glow, its plan hydrating foundation that is not totally matte. It lasts for 6-8 hours, the sleek packaging and pump is added advantage and great for travel. It’s formulated with collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid to help smooth the skin and boost hydration.

Although it does have somewhat of a tacky feel, the dewy finish looks incredibly natural and never adheres to any of my dry patches I may be experiencing that day. It also doesn’t settle into my fine lines or look shiny or greasy. It doesn’t hide all my imperfections, but it’s the perfect lightweight foundation for summer. My skin looks brighter, fresher and healthier and perfect everyday foundation!


No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Bulky packaging, if I can get past that then this foundation is more than amazing. The texture is almost whipped-like when you pump it out. It has a very “skin care” feel to it, just like BB cream, and may be because it has added moisturisers, but it feels as though skin is bare and not coated in foundation. It also brightens, which wakes up tired-looking skin, and it is this that gives the illusion of a lifted face. It gives a skin-like finish with a luminous glow.

It is a little gray tone which I like because it kind of cancels out all the redness or any pigmentation going on with my skin. Its not super matte or super glory, just the perfect amount of dewy or kind of satin finish to my skin. I was looking for a lighter foundation that would look extremely natural and this is IT! I found it! It does has specs of glow when you swatch but when applied full face it feels like a satin finish skin.

Final Verdict:

Both these foundations work best for someone who has decent skin already but wants to even out their skin and make it look really fresh and healthy. It’s not going to be for someone who is used to a full coverage foundation. These are medium coverage at it’s fullest but it is gorgeous on the skin, looks really natural and fresh and I think it’s a perfect foundation for Summer. If you are choosing non- dewy finish and would prefer to powder then go with Almay and if you prefer dewy or stain finish skin then No7 is your best bet. I have been alternating these foundations and if I had to pick one then it would be No7, I love the glow it gives my skin and I do not have to powder to get rid of tackiness so No7 wins and will be definitely repurchased.

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