Skin Food Wash Off Masks

Back again with K-beauty products review. If you look on Pinterest for best items from K-beauty then the Black Sugar Mask from Skin Food pops up, and I decided to try it, and surprisingly I found  Rice Mask and Black Sugar Mask in Ulta! Picked up both and putting to test. Having tried for little over 2 months now, I feel I could have written a review after using it once, these are BOMB!! These are some serious face changing stuff! Both amazing in their own way, want to see how they perform on skin then keep on reading!


Black Sugar Wash Off Mask: This is some serious face changing stuff! When I opened the jar for the first time, I was surprised that it had a pleasant smell and was fairly thick and abrasive in a good way. The scrub comes in a very thick consistency and a little goes a long way!

I apply to damp cleansed skin. I put some on my hand and add a little water to help it spread evenly. It’s very abrasive so I suggest using a bit more water unless you really want to buffer your face since the sugar doesn’t melt as easily as I’ve seen other scrubs melt. I lightly massage on my skin then leave on for 15 minutes before I rinse. My skin feel amazing when it is rinsed off, soft and hydrated. The sugar (and other ingredients) in the mask provides a lot of moisture after wash off. I have seen my blackheads disappearing after using this couple of times a week. No more nose strips and I love it. My skin always feels squeaky clean after this mask. This mask is definitely worth trying as it acts like a mask/exfoliator in one!




Rice Wash Off Mask : Now this is exact opposite of the other , this is a very mild mask. Skin feels super soft and not dry at all after using. It’s almost like washing the face with rice pudding. There is no strong chemical odor or anything unpleasant. I would say it’s good for when you want a light cleansing mask.

This maks is supposed to help with brigthening and moisturization. I did not expect this to be an instant brightener, but it did make my face look better in the long run. I use this in the shower 1-2 times a week. I put it on just before I hop into shower, and by the time I finish all chores in the end I wash my face, but by the time I’m ready to get out (10 min or so), this mask combined with the steam and heat of the shower has really improvised this masking! It just sort of brightens things up, gives me a gentle exfoliation, and improves my skin texture.

Both are available at Ulta, and I feel these are definitely worth the hype. Let me know other K-beauty products that have exceeded your expectation, I would love to try.

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