Scinic Honey All In One Ampoule Review

You all know I thoroughly enjoy exploring Korean skin care products and so it’s Ampoule time ladies ūüôā Yes, my craze of trying everything Korean has not stopped and this All in one Ampoule caught my eye. I got it early January and having used for around 3+ months, I have a gathered my thoughts on this product. Want to know more about this then keep reading!emulsion1

A quick word on ampoules, before we starting the review because I had my learning curve – they’re in the same family as essences and serums. An ampoule is a supercharged serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients that are meant to use for a finite amount of time as a booster or when you’re having a skin crisis of some sort.¬†Ampoules are formulated to deliver a maximum dose of ingredients to your skin. In Korea, they are not only used in place of a serum, but also as a 2~4 week special treatment course ‚Äď to be layered on before¬†your essence or serum to boost your routine.

The Scinic Honey All in one Ampoule is a multi-tasking, all-in-one product that can work to replace your toner, essences/serums, and moisturizer. It contains ingredients such as manuka honey, propolis extract, royal jelly, Green tea, centella, licorice, camomile, korean knotweed, rosemary, as well as some other awesome stuff including niacinamide which is the 4th ingredient!

Having said that , this Scinic Honey All in one Ampoule is a giant bottle which was not like a traditional smaller bottle of ampoule- it’s huge 250ml bottle that will take a while to finish and I religiously used it everyday.¬†It looks like a small jar of honey (although when I say small, I mean for a jar of honey – this is huge for an ampoule!) It has a screw-off top to gain access to the product. It comes with a small spatula that is perfect for dipping in the jar.¬†This spreads over the skin extremely smoothly.

The time it takes to fully sink into the skin depends on the amount used. At times I have used too much product and then it takes forever to sink in and is sticky. Once I figured out the amount that works (typically just coating one side of the spatula end) it sinks in nicely and without a great amount of stickiness.¬†I packed it for a weekend trip in a small jar, saved carrying multiple products and gave my face a nice hydrated texture.¬†emulsion2I like to use a very generous amount after my hydrating toner and let it sit on the skin for a while before patting it into my skin some more. I prefer to use it at night as opposed to morning as I feel it makes more of a result. It is very hydrating and I notice that in the morning my skin looks plumper and even toned. It definitely leaves a rather sticky texture, but I don’t really mind it, since once I apply my cream, it generally goes away.¬†Definitely very hydrating, however I don’t know if I see anything else beyond that. Might have helped brighten my complexion a little, but I have also been using and testing multiple other products to brighten and even my skin tone so I cannot say for sure how much impact this has had. But I really like the fact that on days when I just slap this and a moisturizer my skin feels like it has had good hydrated and well rested for that reason alone I will purchase this item and keep in my skin care routine.

Not bad product when you’re in a pinch and can’t do your usual multi step skincare routine you just put some on your face spread it around the pat it till it adsorbs your skin.¬†Even though I love my multi-step routine, some mornings I just need something great to cover all the basics. This is it! A light coat dries quickly and really brightens my skin. It’s a time saver … and a year’s worth of product all in one.¬†I wouldn’t mind buying it again. And you can get this on Amazon for around $15 which is a steal and use this product for almost a year!

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