Hydrating Eye Cream Comparison

At times I have a draft written for my blog like months ago and never finalize it to publish ūüė¶ This is one such blog post, I have now tried 3 more eye creams simultaneously apart from these two but since I had already written a draft I want to finalize and publish it, before I change my mind and start comparing to others.¬†Reason for comparing the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream and CeraVe Eye Repair cream is they both have Hyaluronic as main ingredient and similar price point and with sales that happen at Ulta.

eyecream1Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream¬†:¬†I absolutely love Mario Badescu as a brand , and this is supposedly their best selling, so thats how I decided to try 2 years ago. Love the ingredients & way it is manufactured.¬†So finding something thats intensely hydrating at a decent price range is quite difficult. I use the tiniest bit & it spreads really easily. Doesn’t have a scent to it either & makeup applies nicely over it also!

This gentle yet effective eye cream is good for cold weather because it is heavy enough to keep hydration locked in without being oily and migrating around my eyes. I will use it in winters to keep my eye area hydrated. And have been using it past 2 winters and I love the hydration it gives to my under eye area.

Only complaint it did not minimize my dark circles after a years use! but it’s a good product, it does a good job of hydrating my under eye area. Just wish it more than just hydrate, maybe more overall anti aging or reducing dark circles. Since this is in a pot, I do not like to dip my fingers everyday. I just don’t feel the cream would not be potent enough when exposed and dipped my fingers, that is just me. But things like eye cream I always prefer a squeezy tube.


CeraVe Eye Repair cream:¬†It’s nothing game-changing, but it definitely is the best budget eye cream I’ve tried.¬† There is no fragrance, it is gentle, affordable, non- irritating and the skin around my eyes is retaining its youthfulness.¬†I am pleased with the fact that it makes my eyes appear less puffy and tired when I use it. Again not much difference in the dark circle, looks like there are no budget freiendly eye cream that works for dark circles.¬† It contains hyaluronic acid & ceramides so it’s very hydrating and soothing and reparative. It’s not overly greasy and you can use this during the day underneath concealer. It is pretty thick so I always warm it up between my fingers before applying under my eyes.

I don’t think this is an anti aging eye cream but sometimes you just need to calm and hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes,¬†I think when the skin is calm and hydrated it can help correct some of its own problems like puffiness, redness, itchiness. This is what it does to my skin in dry winter months so I love having some added moisture to my under eye in winters.

Comparing both and considering both have hyaluronic acid as main ingredient Рone thing is for sure both are amazing hydrating under the eyes. And that is all I can see in both creams. Having used Mario Badescu and CeraVe on and off for 2+ years, I would prefer CeraVe just for hygienic reasons, both have not done much to my dark circles, so for hydrating and reducing puffiness around my eyes I would prefer a squeezy tube! If you are like me and worry about the hygiene part and look for good deal then take a shot on which one comes on a deal and try it. You will not be disappointed with either of the one for reducing puffiness, redness and good hydration.

Any recommendation for eye creams are totally welcome. As I mentioned earlier I’m now using 3 other creams but nothing has blown my mind yet – ¬†so if you have any drugstore/high end options pls feel free to give suggestions below.

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