Summer Routine – Glowy Face and Skin Protection

Every summer, I change my skincare routine and the first thing that changes is my SPF and the foundation/BB cream that I use to get a natural- barely done face but has a huge punch of SPF. I never compromise on protection and that is my main focus in summer.  And no matter if I have any makeup or not I will never skip SPF. This summer has been survived with just 4 products – want to know more then keep reading


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April 2017 Ipsy Bag Review

I’m doing a happy dance with my Ipsy bag – All 5 products are so different and I love each one of them! The bag is ok, but the products are amazing. Since this is my birthday month I have already got so much stuff from Ulta and Sephora and this little perk from Ipsy is making me totally spoilt. If you want to see everything that I got for my Birthday then follow my instagram to see my purchases and gifts. Well they are still coming and I have plotted few more 😉


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Skin Food Wash Off Masks

Back again with K-beauty products review. If you look on Pinterest for best items from K-beauty then the Black Sugar Mask from Skin Food pops up, and I decided to try it, and surprisingly I found  Rice Mask and Black Sugar Mask in Ulta! Picked up both and putting to test. Having tried for little over 2 months now, I feel I could have written a review after using it once, these are BOMB!! These are some serious face changing stuff! Both amazing in their own way, want to see how they perform on skin then keep on reading!


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February 2017 Ipsy Bag Review

“Much Love”, I really loved Ipsy theme this month, I celebrate VDay but beyond that there is a deeper love that resonates to me in terms of self love and friendship, so this theme is something I loved most than any product in the bag! Not to forget the bag, very simple jeans kinda laid back bag matching the theme, just perfection. Want to know what products I got and I was not impressed then keep reading! Continue reading “February 2017 Ipsy Bag Review”

BB Cream like Foundations Review

Almay and No7 brands are drugstore brands that are much more expensive compared to drugstore price range products and I have never got any foundations from them. Not that I needed any more foundations in my collection I picked these two and have been testing for 2 months and have gathered my thoughts on each. I was surprised that both had so much in common, even though I picked them randomly but then decided to review them together as they are so similar!


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Derma E Purifying Skincare Collection Review

Derma E is a brand I’ve only recently discovered, and I love everything about it so far. You can check my last post on Day and Night Moisturizers here. Since then I have bought couple of other Derma E products but one that stood out is Overnight Peel with Alpha Hydroxy Acids and I have been testing for 2 months and cannot wait to write a review! Meanwhile I was given a opportunity by Brandbacker to test DermaE’s two other new products –  Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask and Purifying Daily Detox Scrub, so here I’m with yet another Derma E review!


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Best of 2016 – Skincare & Makeup

This is something I wanted to write since I had done one in 2015 which featured best products that was released in 2015 but I realized I have really not tried everything that released in 2016, so I’m compiling all my favorites and thanks to Instagram challenge #2016beautyfaves which made it easier to put this blog post together. For my Instagram followers this is a repetition but If you do not follow me on Instagram then please do and I will follow back!


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