Do You Get Angry And Raise Voice?

Do you get Angry and raise voice??

You might ask what kind of question is that? Obviously YES!!┬áJust when some one says ‘keep cool’ ‘keep cool’ that might aggravate and make us totally upset, mad and angry right? That’s how much we are vulnerable and not able to control our emotions and anger.


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What Life is About

Everyone gets to a phase where they need some push or motivation when they are deep down drowned in unhappiness, and that is exactly where I’m today. And this quote and a 5 minute video made my day. I got a boost of inspiration to push harder to get over what I’m or the situation I’m in today.

I’m grateful for finding this post and if my repost of this inspiration is able to help even just 1 person to boost their confidence then there is a reason for my post! Or I might have to reread this at some point again and this will be like my journal! So welcome to new category of posts ‘Lifestyle Motivation!’

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