Just in time for Summer – Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel Review

Before summer arrives I had to get this post out, because this product is meant to be an all-over gel for soothing and cooling skin that will sooth the irritation from exposure to heat. Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel is especially pleasing during the summer, when you want something light on your skin or if you have sensitive skin, this moisturizing gel is a great way to not have something heavy on your skin that feels like you’re suffocating. This is a fantastic multi-use product that is less than $10 on Amazon and will work for entire family!


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Scinic Honey All In One Ampoule Review

You all know I thoroughly enjoy exploring Korean skin care products and so it’s Ampoule time ladies 🙂 Yes, my craze of trying everything Korean has not stopped and this All in one Ampoule caught my eye. I got it early January and having used for around 3+ months, I have a gathered my thoughts on this product. Want to know more about this then keep reading!emulsion1

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Underrated Product That Is A Must Have For Thinning Hair

We all agree that there are very, very few underrated products that are never advertised but they are amazing work horses, and one of such product is from Mane’n Tail. I occasionally see a little strip of ad in magazine, but other than that it is never seen or talked about in  any social media or blogs.


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Magic of Oils – Part 2 – Choosing a Carrier Oil

If you have seen my previous post about Oils, then you know I have been using a lot of different oils in my daily skincare routine. (I still have other oils to discuss in detail in upcoming posts) But you see all over internet about Coconut oil, Argan oil etc but it just doesn’t work for everyone, so lets understand a little more about types of oil and choosing the right carrier oil for you and your skin type.


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Hydrating Brightening Face Mask

Natural hydrating face masks are very beneficial, especially for those who have dry skin. And as we go to fall-winter months our skin go thru a lot and keeping the skin hydrated is the best anti-aging treatment. The hydrating masks moisturize the skin and make it look refreshed, smooth, radiant and youthful.


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Magic of Oils – Part 1 – Maracuja, Marula, Sea Buckthorn Oils

My love for facial oils has been since my childhood. My mom used Coconut oil for everything from cooking to hair, scars, burns, face you name it and we used it as a staple oil and this combined with Castor oil and Almond oil. I had no clue of any other oils and these 3 oils were everything for me. Lately I have been concentrating a lot on skincare than makeup. And adding more anti-aging products, treating my hormonal acne all this has lead me to learn lot more about oils and face packs and masks. I would love to share what I have discovered in the past year.


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